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Meet Daniel Krynzel, the Man Behind the God Walk App, that Connects People to God

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The main driving forces behind your existence—the motivations behind getting out of bed each morning—make up your life purpose. A sense of purpose can control behavior, shape goals, give a sense of direction, and give life meaning. Some people associate their vocation—meaningful, fulfilling work—with their sense of purpose. Others find meaning in the obligations they have to their family or friends. Others look for significance in spirituality or in their religious convictions. For Daniel, his purpose is to connect people with God.

Daniel is an entrepreneur and owner of the app that genuinely connects users directly to God’s revelation every morning. This application is called The God Walk and is run by Daniel. Using the software, people can take their smartphones out in the morning and use the stroll feature to ask questions directly to God. 

God also directly communicates with them through the app. He gives them clear guidance on what to do with their money, bodies, and health. This particular event will alter the globe forever in their relationships. The world will be eternally changed by the God Walk App with Godspeed with Daniel.

Daniel says that God inspired him to start this project and see it through to completion. “One morning, like I always do, I went for a God Walk. God informed me I had to alter the world for him when we first spoke in the morning while I was starting my day. This empire had to be created. I had to do this. This program had to be made, and it had to be distributed widely. I act upon every direct revelation God gives me, and it was one of them,” Daniel stated. Connecting as many people as possible to God is his goal and mission on earth.

Daniel’s biggest challenge in starting this project was figuring out his true calling and purpose on earth and why. Daniel had more than enough money and success, yet he still felt empty until he received his true mission from God…to create the God Walk app. He wanted to know his calling, and he needed some answers. To link as many people as possible to God was the response he received. 

Daniel’s work does not fall under the category of coaching or marketing with funnels and websites. Everything revolves around introducing individuals to God and assisting them in finding solutions. You will be inspired and have inspired acts done by God when you are in touch with your true life purpose and allow God in. A direct line of communication with the supreme coach of the universe, God, is the most powerful and crucial asset you can have while creating a successful business.

He counsels those who want to start their own businesses to pursue their passions and develop skills they need to create massive income and fulfilment. However, God must come first and foremost in their lives. “Ask God and pay attention to what He says. Whatever you need to ask him, he already has the answer. Let him guide you,” he emphasised.

In Daniel’s opinion, fear is a lack of courage, which includes a fear of God’s revelations to you. He explained, “Here’s what I know: Many people know God will tell them what they should do but are terrified to actually do what they should.” Daniel refers to that as being afraid. The antithesis of courage, according to him, is fear. Listening to God’s voice and acting on what He calls you to do are the opposite of being overcome by fear.

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