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Leading Truck Accident Attorney Charles Graham Offers His Expertise On Highway Safety As The Number of Accidents Are Projected To Increase Across The Nation During The Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, the number of auto accidents rise across the United States. This time of year there is a spike in consumer demand,  an increasing need to deliver products and goods on time, and holiday travel. 

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas now approaching, there is an increase in regular travel. Additionally, truck drivers in Georgia and throughout the country are working tirelessly to fulfill holiday delivery orders. Three critical components contributing to most auto-related accidents include poor driving conditions resulting from weather conditions changing, reckless driving, and distracted driving.

The US Department of Transportation allows truckers to drive an alarming number of 11 hours per day, contributing to a spike in accidents. As we see a significant spike in trucking accidents, accidents on the road are equally on the rise.

To keep yourself, your family, and others as safe as possible during upcoming holiday travel, practice safe driving behaviors with 3-helpful tips:

  • Drive sober or plan a sober ride.
  • Schedule to travel early in the morning and after a well-rested nap.

Plan ahead, and prepare to leave in ample time to arrive at your destination without feeling rushed and under pressure. Allow yourself plenty of travel time.

The holidays are a time for celebration and spending time with loved ones, not at the hospital, being stressed out, or worrying about repairing or replacing your car.

While there’s no way to avoid getting into an accident, incorporate these 3-travel tips to help prevent an accident.  The Graham Firm shares safe driving information to alert drivers to promote highway safety. 

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The Graham Firm is led by leading personal injury Attorneys and has nearly 20 years of Expertise in trucking, criminal defense, personal injury, and entertainment law. Their offices are located in Marietta and Griffin, GA. To schedule, a free consultation visit or call   (404) 526-9955

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