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Australian Digital Marketing Guru Lucas Cook Aids Multibillion-Dollar Companies Through Digital Marketing

Co Media is an Australian digital marketing company founded by marketing genius Lucas Cook when he was 16. The company has thrived under Lucas’s direction and has carved out a niche in the competitive media industry. It is quickly becoming one of the best digital marketing companies in the world, having signed up several well-known clients. The company has collaborated with major international brands. 

Digital marketing is just one of the many services Co Media offers. The firm aids its customers in implementing novel and advanced internet advertising methods. Strategy, online engagement, Facebook ads, Google advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, and customer locator systems are just a few of their primary offerings.

For Lucas, a Gen Z tech entrepreneur, his company’s success during COVID-19 exemplifies the growing importance of social media and digital marketing in the commercial sector. In 2022, digital marketing will be a crucial component of any successful business strategy. While some businesses were slow to react, Cook claims that the vast majority now recognize the significance of digital marketing. “You can only keep up with the competition with a digital marketing plan,” he confidently remarked.

Co Media has been successful because many businesses realize they need help with digital marketing. Many businesses rely on Co Media to bridge the gap in their understanding of digital marketing and social media. They offer the expertise that few other companies can match.

In Lucas’ opinion, the most significant shift over the past few years is that digital marketing is now applicable to various sectors and companies. Only in recent years have businesses outside the media and e-commerce sectors recognized the significance of digital marketing. Every company you can think of today has some sort of online marketing strategy in mind. According to Lucas, a solid online presence is essential for any modern business, be it a cafe, an accounting firm, a law office, a utility, a telecom, or a building and construction firm.

It’s 2022, and the internet is just as much a part of your daily operations as your physical location. Internet commerce has surpassed all other marketplaces as the primary means of doing business in the modern world. “It has been an incredible honor to be associated with companies whose products I have used all my life. This exemplifies the significance of online marketing for such major corporations,” Lucas said. 

Co Media may be an Australian company, but they have established a strong clientele in New Zealand and are looking to grow internationally. Lucas, a member of the millennial generation, is a vocal supporter of young people who start businesses. When he realized that Gen Z and millennials possessed special skills in the business world that older generations lacked, he decided to start his own media company, Co Media. “When it comes to using the internet, millennials and members of Generation Z have no equal. The average millennial’s internet and social media savvy is a tremendous asset,” Lucas said.

People of various generations have criticized millennials and members of Gen Z for being too glued to their phones and other electronic devices. Lucas Cooks says Co Media will serve as a platform for him and his generational peers to educate Fortune 500 companies on the value of the internet and social media for doing business. He reminds us to keep in mind that all this time spent in front of screens has taught us a valuable skill that few of our elders possess.

You may find Lucas Cook on Instagram under the handle @lucascook. If you’re looking for motivation, he’s the one to follow.

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