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Mr Dripping a.k.a Mark Rios is a Spanish visual artist, who developed the controlled dripping technique to be able to portray any subject in just a few minutes, without touching his canvas. MR DRIPPING has exhibited and performed across the globe for several brands including Nike , MontBlanc, Mastercard, the NBA just to name a few. 

One of the most recent art pieces by Mr Dripping is the portrait he painted in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He presented a breathtaking live performance in front of thousands of racing fans attending the last race of popular German Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel. 

With high running winds of 30 km/h and the starting of the national anthem, Mr Dripping started dripping paint on the canvas to create the portrait of Sebastian Vettel. The high-speed wind was a significant challenge, and despite all challenges, he completed the full fine looking portrait of the German Formula 1 driver in only 1 minute and 30 seconds and finished it off by signing it as the national anthem ended, and the Etihad Flyover took place. 

This spectacular live art performance is one of a kind, something that was never done before in the history of Formula 1 racing. It was a tribute to Sebastian Vettel on his retirement announcement from Mark Ríos. After the race completion, the CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, brought Mr Dripping to the Astron Martin racing garage to present the artwork to the legendary driver. 

This moment and artwork have a very special place in Mr Dripping’s life. In an interview, he said, 

“I cannot explain the gratitude I feel, I will remember this day for the rest of my life.”

By looking at My Dripping’s journey, It’s safe to say it’s been a wild ride, but the ride isn’t over yet! If you want to know more or get regular updates on this cultural superstar, then you can follow Mr Dripping’s Instagram. 

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