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Zen Nutrients to release advanced scar-gel with medically healing peptide

Hexapeptide-9, sold as Collaxyl®, is a French trademarked ingredient that lessens the appearance of scars and promotes wound healing. It’s the key ingredient in Zen Nutrient’s latest beauty product, ScarMedx™. 

The Tampa Bay based supplement and nutraceutical company, Zen Nutrients, is pleased to introduce its newest product, ScarMedx. ScarMedx is a new and innovative scar gel made for topical use that helps promote wound healing and reduces the formation and appearance of scars. 

ScarMedx uses a French trademarked ingredient, Hexapeptide-9, which is known for its success in promoting wound healing and reducing scarring. ScarMedx combines both Hexapeptide-9 (sold as Collaxyl®) and Panthenol (Provitamin B5) to make a superior scar gel aimed at healing surgical and injury-related wounds. 

According to Zen Nutrients, the ingredients in ScarMedx contain skin repairing properties that may stimulate tissue repair, thus reducing the appearance and formation of deep scars. 

Devan Patel, pharmacist, and co-founder of Zen Nutrients says, “Our research and development team, which includes surgeons, pharmacists, and dermatologists, handpicked the best of the best pharma grade ingredients to formulate ScarMedx, an elegant yet powerful scar reduction formula”. 

Besides its superior scar healing benefits, ScarMedx Advanced Scar Gel has a variety of benefits, features, and uses including:

• Suitable as a treatment gel for burns, keloids, post-surgery scars, and acne scars

• It’s vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty free

• Can improve skin texture

• Ingredients are safe for all skin types

• Ingredients are bioavailable, all-natural, and pharmaceutical-grade, such as Panthenol, Collaxyl® (Hexapeptide-9), Allantoin, Rosehip Seed Oil

Dr. Saju Joseph, a leading Harvard trained surgeon says, “ScarMedx can work extremely well when used with our signature product, WoundVite®, so a patient has the opportunity to promote healing from within and externally using key nutrients and premium ingredients.”

ScarMedx is made by a company that believes in providing quality ingredients and products that meet their customer’s satisfaction. Zen Nutrients develops pharma grade beauty products and supplements aimed at providing relief for specific medical conditions. All products are formulated by leading physicians and pharmacists whose goal is to help reduce healthcare costs by providing natural alternatives. 

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About Zen Nutrients

Zen Nutrients was founded by Tampa Bay-based veteran clinical pharmacist, Devan Patel, and a team of experienced professionals in the health and wellness industry. The nutraceutical and supplement company is a leader in producing pharma-grade health and beauty products formulated for specific medical conditions. 

Zen Nutrients uses only quality, high-potency, and bioavailable ingredients backed by scientific research. All products are formulated by experienced pharmacists and physicians developed with customers’ needs in mind. 


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