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Luis Del Rosal: A Living Advocate of Success and An Epitome of Fortitude for People with Tourette Syndrome 

Despite having Tourette Syndrome, a number of famous people have not allowed it to impede their path to fame or success. For celebrities afflicted with Tourette syndrome, a condition of the nervous system that causes involuntary movements or sounds known as “tics,” this sense of control poses a significant challenge. However, if one rises above their peculiarities and works hard with utmost determination and pure intentions, then no power on earth can stop them from reaching the pinnacle of success. 

“Having tics is comparable to having hiccups. Even if you don’t want to hiccup, your body will do it anyway. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the condition is not as uncommon as one might think. According to a 2001 study published in the journal Neurology, 3% of the population has Tourette’s, which is “roughly 50 to 75 times higher than typical estimates.”

Tourette syndrome, however, has never been an impediment to success for those who put their heart and soul into their work. Many highly anticipated and well-known celebrities with Tourette syndrome are living the most successful lives and pursuing their dream careers. David Beckham – the internationally renowned soccer player, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – the greatest musician, Napoleon Bonaparte – French General, Billie Eilish – the young and talented award-winning American singer, and countless others are all living examples of success while possessing TS.

Luis Del Rosal, a children’s book author with the same condition, makes to the top of the list because he fills societal voids, resurrects humanity, and encourages others with special needs by serving as a living example of success. This conveys a clear message to never underestimate someone’s limitations, as they are just as capable of success as any other child on earth, if not more so, because dreams have no boundaries. So, no power on earth can stop them to turn their wild dreams into picture-perfect reality. 

Luis Del Rosal takes a stand for children with Tourette syndrome and brings them to the verge of greatness through his thought-provoking children’s books. Rosal was born in Mexico with Tourette syndrome on March 16, 1973. At the age of eight, his family relocated to the United States. Rosal, a Hispanic boy, born in Mexico and raised in the United States, became bilingual in Spanish and English at an early age. Throughout his academic career, Rosal was victimized multiple times. He studied journalism and graduated from Sweetwater Union High School in National City, California, in 1991 despite numerous obstacles. In addition, Rosal, a gifted student with exceptional adaptability, acquired significant computer and internet skills in the 1990s, when learning computer science was more challenging than it is today.

Rosal, a dedicated person, began working at 16 in a department store and then as a host at Red Lobster. Throughout his life, Rosal was subjected to unwanted attention, which caused him distress and shattered his self-confidence on multiple occasions. Despite this, Rosal has consistently shrugged off insults and overcome his insecurities, focusing on his work and achieving success.

Despite numerous instances of bullying throughout his academic career, Rosal transformed this adversity into a source of strength for himself. He overcame his eccentricities and continued to work in the hotel industry as a PBX operator, reservations agent, and front office clerk at reception, positions that required absolute exposure and client interaction. He graduated from Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California, balancing work and studies with skill.

In 1997, Rosal returned to his beloved native country of Spain, where he began a new chapter in his life by writing books to enhance children’s awareness and emotional intelligence. As a result of the ongoing difficulties and challenges he faced as a child growing up with Tourette syndrome, he decided to write children’s books to raise awareness about this rare disorder. He desired to aid those with the same condition, instill a strong sense of responsibility in young children, and instruct them in life’s fundamentals, such as friendship, acceptance, tolerance, rejection, and compassion.

Rosal emphasizes the unfortunate reality that this insensitive society must urgently learn and inculcate patience, understanding, willingness, desire, dream, goals, and most importantly, persistence. His novels are the means by which he spreads love in hearts filled with hatred, hope in moments of darkness, perseverance in the most challenging circumstances, and faith in a world filled with skepticism. His works convey potent messages to always look on the bright side of life.

Luis Del Rosal is extroverted and enjoys interacting with individuals of all ages. Not only has he mastered the art of eloquent conversation, but he has also traveled extensively, conversing with different people and making friends while maintaining his dignity. Academically, Rosal has worked diligently and advanced to the next grade with flying colors. In elementary school, he received numerous commendations for his exemplary conduct and outstanding work. Not only was he performing well academically, but he was also involved in extracurricular activities such as the band, PEP Assemblies, school dances, basketball, and football games, as well as serving as a manager for the Varsity Football team while blending in perfectly with the other students. Never have his eccentricities prevented him from being kind. Rosal chooses to overcome his weaknesses and become more empathetic and socially responsible because he recognizes how challenging it is for society to accept and value individual diversity without making children feel like outcasts.

Rosal’s extensive list of accomplishments speaks for itself. He possesses a valid driver’s license, is fluent in multiple languages, studies abroad, and works every day to earn a living and live a happy life like everyone else. Despite the fact that pursuing his goals has been a difficult struggle for him. Despite this, Rosal is able to rise above his eccentricities and prefers to be recognized for his vast talents and knowledge rather than his syndrome.

Rosal has never allowed his syndrome to prevent him from living a normal, happy, and prosperous life. His massive skillset indicates that Tourette syndrome has nothing to do with IQ. Therefore, it is unjust to doubt someone based on their peculiarities. Because it is only hard work, faith, perseverance, and absolute determination that make a person a successful person.

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