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USA Today Bestselling Author J.J. Hebert, Founder of MindStir Media, Links Authors to Celebrities to Aid in Book Promotion

The year is 2009 and J.J. Hebert just published his first book, Unconventional, under his newly formed publishing imprint, MindStir Media. The book hits Amazon Best Seller lists shortly after and demand for his advice explodes. Unbeknownst to him, MindStir Media would go on to help thousands of authors find success and, in 2021, J.J. would introduce the world to celebrity marketing for books….

These days, J.J. uses his company MindStir Media to help authors with all publishing aspects including book design, editing, printing, distribution, marketing and publicity – but more impressively, his celebrity endorsement packages allow independent authors to connect their books and brands to celebrities through YouTube and social media media promotions as well as forewords written by the celebrities. All of the above caused International Business Times to hail MindStir Media as the best book publisher in Los Angeles.

We reached out to J.J. to ask him about his unique celebrity marketing options for authors. “For years, I saw the same issue over and over again: Unknown authors were struggling to be discovered, to be heard. It’s possible to build an author brand from scratch organically, I’ve been part of that, but it could take a long time to gain traction that way,” said J.J. “So I decided it was time to introduce the magic of celebrity endorsements to expedite the building of these authors’ brands.”

He acknowledged that celebrity marketing has been around for decades when it comes to brands and products but indie authors don’t normally think of connecting with celebrities for many reasons such as their inability to reach them. “Authors don’t generally think, hey, I’ll just call up this celebrity’s agent and see if they’ll promote my book for me,” J.J. added. With that in mind, J.J’s MindStir Media removes the boundaries that usually exist between authors and celebrities and has created a sort of marketplace for them to connect with a goal in mind: book promotion.

Authors can choose from celebrities like Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. “The idea is that attaching a famous Hemingway to your fiction book can help your book gain a ton of attention,” J.J. said. As one example, this connection helped a 7-year-old author Isabell Hayden hit Amazon Best Seller status in 2021. 

MindStir Media also offers celebrity marketing packages with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Harrington is a serial entrepreneur and has helped create $6 billion in global sales with his products. He is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author as well. His promotion attracts many business book writers. One such example is Christopher James Masiello, a MindStir client, who recently became a #1 Amazon Bestselling author with his book, Change Short & Simple, a book that includes a foreword by Kevin Harrington.

Other celebrities that MindStir Media works with include Kate Flannery (Meredith) from the hit TV show The Office and Daniel Baldwin, a member of the famous Baldwin family. According to J.J., MindStir Media is looking to add more celebrity talent in the years to come. 

J.J. encourages authors to reach out through the official MindStir Media website at

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