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Kids Can Learn to Successfully Save Money — Starting Today

Americans are not very good at saving money. While experts say that wise savers should have enough in the bank to cover six months of expenses — which comes out to approximately $30,000 for the average household — recent reports show that most Americans have less than $5,000 in the bank. According to the Federal Reserve, one-third of Americans do not have enough money in savings to cover an unexpected $400 expense.

Some experts believe that better financial education can fix the problem. Xochitl Rodriguez, President of Real Life Trading, is one of those experts. In fact, she believes that grade-school classrooms are the place where kids should be taught the skills they need to thrive financially.

“It’s no secret that most schools overlook financial education, which results in people getting off on the wrong foot when it comes to their understanding of money and how to manage it,” says Xochitl. “Real Life Trading is committed to changing the narrative in financial education for children and young adults. Our desire is that everyone, regardless of age, learns and understands a wide range of important financial concepts, including how the stock market works. We want to teach people as early as possible that they can be investors — not just consumers.”

Teaching children about saving money can be tricky. It involves mastering concepts like delayed gratification, which is something that few kids enjoy. It also is a task that often falls on parents who, as statistics reveal, typically have not learned how to save their own money.

Xochitl, who has a background in early education, has developed a resource that she believes can help to get kids excited about learning money management concepts. It is a book titled “A Stock Market Journey: Making Sure Young Adults Win In Real Life,” that she hopes will be embraced by teachers and parents across the US. The book, which is now available on Amazon, presents financial concepts in a way that inspires and educates children in a language they can understand.

“A Stock Market Journey” focuses on the story of a group of children who share a love for video games. Their stock market journey begins when they decide they are no longer satisfied just earning the virtual coins that their gaming victories provide; they want to earn some real money instead. This desire leads them to explore the real life world of stock market investing.

As readers join the children on their journey, they are engaged with an easy-to-follow presentation of a wide range of financial concepts. They include economics, interpretation of data, supply and demand, spatial thinking, technical analysis, and critiquing the reasoning of others. The book helps teachers who want to bring these lessons into the classroom by providing practice sections that walk students through real-life trading strategies.

“A Stock Market Journey” not only teaches children how to think about money, but also how to feel about it. It explores concepts like teamwork, friendship, and generosity in order to instill in readers a healthy emotional perspective on wealth and finances.

“Children are the future of the stock market,” says Jerremy Alexander Newsome, who co-authored the book with Xochitl. “Our mission is to enrich lives, and that starts with educating our young people with the skills needed to build their financial future.”

Jerremy’s other writing credits include authoring Amazon’s No.1 best-seller “Money Grows on Trees” and “The Naked Trader.” His investing insights, which led him to launch Real Life Trading, have made him a sought-after stock market analyst and educator. Jerremy provides online courses in topics including stock trading and crypto currency through the Real Life Trading website.

Once children complete the training provided by “A Stock Market Journey,” they can continue to learn financial concepts through the Real Life Trading website. A free Kids Trading Course is offered to provide instruction on the mechanics of stock trading, as well as the discipline that is necessary for becoming a successful stock trader. There is also a Trading for Young Adults course that offers older children an opportunity to learn how to place stock trades and other advanced concepts.

Real Life Trading’s training, from the new book to the online courses to one-on-one mentoring that it provides, takes a unique approach that combines financial literacy with personal empowerment. Its goal is to help people of all ages learn to build their self worth alongside their net worth.

“Teaching our kids financial literacy is paramount,” Jerremy says. “The children and young adults in our lives are the future. When we take the time to help them learn how diligence, fortitude, and wisdom empower their finances, we make the world a better place for all of us.”

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