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Inspired by horror movies, comic books, and anime, young author Marcel releases “Revenge Tale: Kill Mara,” an exciting and boundary-pushing manga story that follows a disgraced Samurai fighting to reclaim his honor

26-year-old author Marcel has released Revenge Tale: Kill Mara, the first installment in the forthcoming manga series Revenge Tale. Aimed at mature audiences age 16 and up, this series follows a Samurai named Minamoto Minato on a bloody quest for revenge. Minato has been framed for regicide, and to restore his honor, he sets out to execute his vengeance on those who have wronged him. This dark, twisting story blurs the lines between good and evil, and keeps readers in suspense as characters turn on one another and betray the morals they claim to live by. 

The journey to creating this book began with a love of drawing at a young age, first tracing Looney Tunes characters as a small child, and moving through middle and high school drawing his favorite anime characters, historical figures, and animals, as well as making sculptures. Marcel’s artwork earned him several awards and continued to be a creative outlet into his adult life.

Born and raised in Decatur, IL, Marcel enjoys sports and video games in addition to his creative pursuits. Inspired by horror movies, Law & Order, and a range of anime series such as Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia, and many others, Marcel noticed that many of the newly released anime and manga were rehashing ideas already established in well-known series Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Combined with his love of drawing, this realization helped inspire the creation of Revenge Tale. After 10 years of brainstorming, research, and drafting, a manuscript detailing the characters and events of Revenge Tale: Kill Mara is now available.

The story pulls from mythology and folklore from Japanese, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Chinese cultures, and features an array of characters, each with their own detailed history and motivations. The early portion of the book includes character lists, plot arcs, and detailed backgrounds for each element of the story, while the latter portion of the book describes each episode in sequence. 

Marcel’s goal is to transform the story into an anime series, creating a lasting legacy and contributing to the art form loved by millions around the world. Of the writing process, Marcel said, “Writing Revenge Tale has been a joy and honor of mine. I don’t see myself doing anything else. It has been my guide, my path to achieving the life I’ve dreamed of. I predict soon that I’ll attend Comic Con seeing Revenge Tale fandoms cosplay my characters and it’ll bring me tears of joy.”

Marcel’s debut book proves him to be a creative, ambitious young author with a deep knowledge of mythology and anime, staying true to the genre while taking bold steps into new territory.  

Revenge Tale: Kill Mara is available through the Dorrance Publishing online bookstore at

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