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Cigarettes are Boring (and Unhealthy); Why Celebrities and Influencers Are Smoking These Instead

Smoking is one of the oldest human habits that dates back decades. There are 1.8 billion smokers globally, and 38 million cigarette smokers in the United States – most of whom are constantly seeking to quench their thirst for a smoke. However, the major challenge has been identifying an ideal alternative that provides smokers with precisely the same rituals of smoking, or an even better experience, but with less of the associated health risks that come with tobacco and nicotine. But this should not be a significant concern for smokers anymore. MOUNTAIN® Smokes is a new smokable alternative brand serving smokers’ desires for a smarter alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

According to the MOUNTAIN® Smokes executives, and decades of research, people smoke cigarettes for one of two main reasons: to change their mood, or to experience the pleasures of the rituals that come with smoking. But tobacco and nicotine cigarettes bring with them a huge portfolio of unhealthy risks, and that’s why MOUNTAIN® Smokes developed a ‘new generation of smokes for a smarter generation of smokers’. 

MOUNTAIN® Smokes has elevated the smoking experience to a whole new level. They have redefined the smoking experience for a smarter generation of smokers. MOUNTAIN® Smokes contain NO tobacco, NO nicotine, NO artificial chemicals, NO preservatives, and they will never. They’re made exclusively with organic full-flower hemp, organic mullein, and organic sage.  And that’s it.

And now, celebrities and influencers are catching on, and loving the new smokable alternative introduced by MOUNTAIN® Smokes. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were both photographed smoking MOUNTAIN® Smokes during their UK GQ photoshoot.

MOUNTAIN® Smokes are available in Natural Flavor, Pineapple Squeeze Flavor, and Mint Squeeze Flavor, in various CBD strengths.

MOUNTAIN® Smokes are the most incredible smoking experience you will ever have. They provide a full-flavor organic hemp smoking experience with the addition of organic mullein and organic sage for a truly one-of-a-kind flavor profile that is exceedingly smooth, relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable. Each smoke is rolled with the finest hand-picked and organic hemp flower, organic mullein, and organic sage, and nothing else. 

Grown in the USA and rolled in California, MOUNTAIN® Smokes takes immense pride in the fact that they source all of their hemp from ethical organic farmers in the United States to create the finest quality, smoothest tasting organic hemp smokes on the planet; truly a new generation of smokes for a smarter generation of smokers.

“The time has come to break-away from the legacy of ‘Big Tobacco’, a legacy that has destroyed and impoverished hundreds of millions of people globally.” Read about MOUNTAIN® Smokes at the MOUNTAIN® Smokes website here. And try them for yourself – the company is offering a free pack for all first-time visitors to their website in the United States!

The MOUNTAIN® Smokes management team has cultivated long-lasting relationships with top hemp farmers to ensure a healthy and uninterrupted supply of the highest quality organic hemp flower for our MOUNTAIN® Smokes. 

“This gives us true peace of mind when procuring the flower we use in our smokes and gives our customers the assurance they are smoking the best hemp flower available – not leftovers, shake, or trim,” explains the MOUNTAIN® Smokes team.

Additionally, MOUNTAIN® Smokes sources their raw materials from farmers who make their own soil, culture their own beneficial bacteria, and craft their own organic fertilizers to make a top-quality, clean end-product. These are not just hobby farmers and definitely not large corporate commercial farms; these farmers are true stewards of their land and care about every step of cultivation. They are only happy if the earth, their land, and the people that enjoy their hemp flowers are happy.

As a result, all MOUNTAIN® Smokes customers know the company as a truly trustworthy brand that never cuts corners to push a product to market. They have also cultivated an unquestionable work ethic, working diligently to expand and strengthen the relationships they have worked so hard to establish.

The mission is to expand MOUNTAIN® Smokes to be recognized as the number one smarter smoking alternative for tobacco cigarettes and nicotine-based vapes in the world.  MOUNTAIN® Smokes isn’t looking for cigarette smokers to quit smoking, or to entirely switch to MOUNTAIN® Smokes, but for the 38 million cigarette smokers in the United States, and the 1.8 billion cigarette smokers worldwide, perhaps these ‘smarter smokes’ might be a perfect and guilt-free addition to any smokers’ daily rituals.

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