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BattlePACs Impacting Political Debate Through NFTs

Today’s polarized discourse excludes all but the loudest. The most polarizing people and issues  overshadow moderates in both parties eliminating the hope of bi-partisan solutions. This dysfunction disillusions citizens of all political stripes. BattlePACs offers a fresh solution to this problem — a non-partisan platform to host debate through political NFTs. 

“BattlePACs will be the people’s primary,” says the company’s CEO, Aaron Rafferty. “We are building a political ecosystem from the ground up and reimagining how citizens engage in political conversations.”

BattlePACs drops NFT collections to unlock political conversation

BattlePACs is leveraging artificial intelligence to create thousands of NFTs — in this case, limited-edition trading cards — including artistic representations of famous political figures, heroes, historic moments, and current events. Each unique NFT collection contains party-differentiated collectibles. Platform members collect these NFTs to delineate their political stances and to access a community of fellow citizens. 

An NFT purchase on BattlePACs serves as a “vote” for a political party, as well as a member’s “ticket” to access the platform’s features. NFTs unlock member-only features such as online debates, feedback on donation allocations, and individual rewards. Because the entry-level NFT packages start at nine dollars, everyone can participate. 

Gamification on the BattlePACs platform promises a proving ground where elections will be fought for and won. Instead of competing once every four years, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents compete multiple times each year and win millions of dollars to support their side, with the winning parties allocating their prize money to affiliate super PACs and nonprofits. The amount of each award is determined by the number of participating users. Active participants also have a chance to win individual cash prizes and rewards worth up to $15,000. 

The process is straightforward and transparent, and members can view the status of each contest in real time. “The people who have been marginalized and silenced by today’s political vitriol can finally speak out,” Rafferty says. “We will back your voice with a vote and funding.”

Why BattlePACs remains bipartisan

To create a dynamic and diverse community, BattlePACs is determined to build a bipartisan space. “We are actively reaching out to citizens of both major parties along with anyone whose political views don’t fit traditional labels,” explains Rafferty. “Everyone is invited to participate, provided they abide by the rules of civil discourse.” 

As the country heads into the highly-charged presidential elections of 2024, BattlePACs seeks to unite Americans by breaking down ideological bubbles, promoting conversations across party lines, and identifying shared values. The team envisions their platform’s discussions driving offline political conversations and defining issues in national, state, and local races. 

“On this platform, you will see Democrats engage with Republicans and vice versa,” predicts Rafferty. “We will also be a place where Independents find a voice, as Independents are so often excluded entirely from political conversations on social media.”

How to get involved in BattlePACs launch 

BattlePACs mission is to spur intelligent discussions among all people, particularly the voiceless, and the company is achieving this goal even before the launch of the platform. This month, BattlePACs announced a scholarship fund for students shaping the country’s future with purposeful conversation. Applicants make their voices heard by sharing video responses to weekly prompts on the social media channel of their choice. Current US college students can apply here through the BattlePACs website.

BattlePACs is set to launch at a critical moment in US politics. The platform will go online just after the 2022 midterms — well in advance of the upcoming 2024 presidential race. “The upcoming election promises to be one of the most consequential in our lifetime,” says Rafferty. “With so much at stake, everyone must find a voice and help determine our country’s direction. Interested citizens can sign up for updates by visiting our website.”

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