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David Fichman Creates His Own Happiness by Empowering Others to Do the Same 

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David Fichman: an entrepreneur who never gave up on his happiness. We are all in search of happiness and hope we can find it in our daily work. Perhaps then we can wake up eager to get to work. Fichman is a guy who was never excited about school or regular jobs – he wanted something more, he just wasn’t sure what. He went on a quest to find his happiness and ended up supplying it for many others.

David Fichman is the founder of Bootcamp, a program that guides people. At Bootcamp, they help people deconstruct their issues, and their bad habits, so they can build better lives, both personally and professionally. They help people through both social and psychological issues: “We follow a disciplined, strict moral code to really deconstruct the issues of those who come to us for help,” Fichman says. “We believe this is the most effective way to create profound change, but it requires a strict, clearly defined rubric of how to improve,” he says.

Fichman teaches how to live a fulfilling life by utilizing emotional tools. For example, he teaches people to “know yourself,” “learn when and why to say yes or no,” and “develop a hobby,” says Fichman. Bootcamp was created so people have something to lean on: “There are people out there who need help and have nowhere else to turn to. These individuals come from different walks of life and have either failed, or become saturated in their personal lives, relationships, friendships, or careers. They come to our industry to seek guidance and hope,” says Fichman. In doing so, they find who they are and can lead successful and fulfilling lives.

As for David Fichman, he’s finally happy. Bootcamp is exactly what he had been on the search for. While it wasn’t evident to him early on, helping people is his passion. “I never quite felt as though my calling in life was to pursue these traditional avenues of success”, he admits. Growing up, Fichman wasn’t as interested in sports, girls, or school as his friends were. He attended one of the top schools in Melbourne, Australia – but he didn’t pursue college afterward. He just wasn’t impressed with the monotony of the traditional path.

Fichman took his future into his own hands. After high school, he worked for one of the top real estate agencies in Australia. After just 6 months, Fichman knew it wasn’t for him so he left real estate and worked for a media company where he quickly moved into management. He hired 25 employees – coaching and training all of them. He loved it, but there was still something missing. “A paycheck will never bring me the same happiness and fulfillment as hearing the words ‘you have changed my life,” Fichman explains. Bootcamp ultimately changed Fichman’s life.

He now owns and operates his own business, and he’s constantly inspired by it. “The idea that there are others in the world who feel alone and without support motivates me to continue to grow this business,” says Fichman. “What excites me most is the thought that I can love every moment of my work and make a significant change to the world, rather than just money. It borders on addiction to hear the words ‘you have changed my life.”

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