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VERSIONS: Illuminating UI/UX Disciplines in A New Visual Rhetoric

Globally visionary and relentlessly ready to challenge the established perspectives of digital design, VERSIONS® has been spearheading the UI/UX design world with problem-solving heuristics. VERSIONS® is an interactive visual articulation of the services and innovation from their main brand, ArtVersion, a digital design agency based in Chicago. ArtVersion has been creating and designing experiences across all industries since the late ‘90s and attains a diverse portfolio of work that spans UI/UX design, graphic design, branding, web design, and more. 

VERSIONS®, however, is the paradigm of insights, disciplines, and principles that the Chicago-based team utilizes that drive their award-winning digital products. Their overall mission is redolent to offering users a collection of methodologies and design strategies to unveil insightful perspectives and incite creativity.  

Most notably, VERSION’s digital ecosystem and their collective introspections were rejuvenated with a design refresh that dusted off their previous website design and optimized dynamic visuals. Focused on expanding their reach with a creative and enlightening perspective to UI/UX design, the refresh also shared contextual, conceptual, iterative, and experiential design methodologies that punctuate the foundation of any project lifecycle. Additionally, they offer insightful blog pieces that deep dive further into all the moving pieces that make up a digital design. 

VERSIONS® takes on a fresh approach to the digital agency field by not only encouraging design disruptors to delve deeper into the pillars of design but also motivating seeking stakeholders to collaborate with their experts. This is not a new epoch for the ArtVersion and VERSION® teams, rather they’ve been one of the first few UI/UX design agencies that have led the torch in introducing UX experiences as a discipline across academies.

 In fact, their design “manifesto” book has helped shaped the conventions and standards of common practices that are most relevant today. Yet, the team fully acknowledges that digital design is always shifting and reconceptualizing into new modes of innovation, and VERSION® is continuously moving along with it. 

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