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Crozer Health Beats Other Hospitals to Employ ThirdEye’s End-to-End Mixed Reality Smart Glasses Designed for First Responders

ThirdEye is a pioneer in AR/MR business solutions. When it comes to the creation of smart glasses, augmented reality, and mixed reality applications, ThirdEye is at the forefront. They give their customers a full end-to-end ecosystem, which is different from many other companies that only sell hardware (like smart glasses) or only sell software. 

ThirdEye recently announced their partnership with the Crozer Health hospital system to deliver a full suite of mixed reality products to the organization. ThirdEye’s RespondEye Platform and X2 MR Glasses, which are HIPAA-compliant, will allow physicians to view a patient’s condition. It will also tell first responders what to do to help the patient before they take them to the hospital. This makes this partnership the first time MR has been used in a healthcare setting.

ThirdEye worked closely with Crozer Health’s doctors and paramedics to make RespondEye, an augmented reality app made especially for first responders. Additionally, they connected RespondEye to EMS backend systems to display unique EMS protocols. RespondEye can be used on a wide variety of devices, including the ThirdEye X2 MR Glasses, iOS/Android mobile devices, and desktop browsers. The built-in thermal sensor in the X2 MR Glasses makes it easier to find people with abnormally high body temperatures. The thermal sensor built into the MR Glasses lets clinicians do thermal scans of patients without using their hands.

The EMS team at Crozer Health worked with ThirdEye to give first responders remote augmented reality help. Bruce Egan, the head of Crozer Emergency Medical Services, says that by using augmented and mixed reality, they can help their patients get better care without having to use their hands. “We’re working closely with ThirdEye to develop and implement additional capabilities tailored to the needs of first responders,” he said.

At ThirdEye, they design their tools around the requirements of their field agents. They sought and received HIPAA certification for the X2 MR Glasses and RespondEye platform for first responders so that they may have the most significant possible impact on the healthcare business and contribute to the fight against COVID-19. ThirdEye’s CEO and founder, Nick Cherukuri, explains that this guarantees that doctors safely have access to patient information. In addition, it gives them the resources they need to do their jobs. ThirdEye’s Nick Cherukuri has multiple patents in the AR space related to remote telehealth including “Low latency AR applications for smart glasses use case” that was specifically used for Crozer.

Crozer Health’s CEO, Peter J. Adamo, has spoken out in favor of the new partnership with ThirdEye, saying, “We see great potential and value in introducing ThirdEye’s augmented reality healthcare solutions to our emergency response teams with the goal of improving the overall health and safety of our communities.” “We anticipate more positive results for our patients, thanks to the use of telehealth technologies in emergency situations,” he said further.

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