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Where and How to Purchase an Authentic Moroccan Rug | OunizZ

Home decor is a fun and exciting endeavor that allows you to build a creative Mecca that’s all your own. Choosing textures, colors, fabrics, and pieces that reflect your personality will help you craft your environment to your perfect space. Even if you’re not doing a complete overhaul, adding a handful of statement pieces here and there can be the perfect breath of fresh air to bring a room back to life.

Moroccan rugs, including Beni Ouarain rugs, Boujaad rugs, sheep wool carpets, Azilal white Moroccan rugs, and other forms of cute colorful rugs, are an excellent addition to every room. Adding an authentic Moroccan rug to your space can evoke spice and flavor quickly, and they come in such a huge variety that even the most discerning of souls can find the rug that touches their soul. 

A Quick Guide to Moroccan Rug Types

Azilal Moroccan Rugs

Originating from the mountainous Azilal region in Morocco, this hand-woven technique and design of rugs feature color on a neutral canvas. This design weaves beauty and color over uncolored backgrounds, creating mosaics and designs that pop and sing. Adding color to uncolored backgrounds creates a perfect statement piece that can act as a cute colorful rug for any room in the home. Azilal white Moroccan rugs are so interesting that they’re also often used as wall pieces, making them versatile pieces.

Beni Ourain Rugs

With beautiful geometric designs, Beni Ouraian rugs are explosively popular Moroccan rugs. Their simplistic designs weave your imagination through their neutral colors and are made of soft wool. These handmade bedroom rugs are like walking on clouds, soft and comforting. As the skill and art of Beni Ourain rugs have grown, the style has grown to include a variety of colors, sparking creativity and breathing life into every room. 

Boujaad Rugs

Boujaad rugs are stunning examples of natural sources and methods. These handmade bedroom rugs feature natural wool fibers and dyes extracted from vegetables. This method of creating the rugs gives a piece that grows and ages with the home. Brand new Boujaad rugs may have vibrant colors that scream their youth, while older vintage rugs adopt a pastel tone that softens and sings of their age and experience. 

What to Look For In Authentic Moroccan Rugs

Pleasant Texture

Authentic Moroccan rugs are made with natural wool. This makes them a more sustainable choice that feels better on your skin. Touching authentic Moroccan rugs is a pleasant experience. The wool is soft and supple to the touch, feeling almost satiny in its consistency. Synthetic wool, which is commonly used in imitation rugs, has the scratchy and uncomfortable quality that many people think of when considering wool. However, because of the natural source and methods for authentic Moroccan rugs, this isn’t true for the real deal.

Look at the Borders

Because of the tying, weaving, and knotting process of authentic Moroccan rugs, the borders, edges, and underside of these cute colorful rugs will tell a story. Part of the charm of these large Berber rugs is the irregularity and realism in each weft, which end in a fringe that has come to define these living room rugs. 

Synthetic rugs often have a razor-straight edge that is common in modern designs. However, because of the timeless history of Moroccan rugs, straight edges aren’t a concern here. As a result, it’s common to see a handmade bedroom rug with a slight warp on the sides that isn’t usually noticeable unless you’re looking to notice it. 

Lastly, flip it over. Your average synthetic rug that’s created in a factory will have a uniform back, sometimes even covered in plastic to cement the threads in place. Authentic Moroccan rugs are knotted by hand, making the back of the rug almost as patterned as the front. You should expect to see irregular knotting on the back due to the method used for weaving the rug. 

Get What You Pay For

While we often look for deals and cheaper options, this is not a good strategy when looking for Beni Ouarain rugs, Boujaad rugs, Azilal white Moroccan rugs, or other versions of authentic Moroccan rugs. Because of the nature of the natural fabrics, handmade effort, and traditional beauty that goes into each, they command a high price. This is what quality costs. The trade-off for what might feel like a high price tag is that authentic Moroccan rugs will last forever without becoming shaggy, dated, or unraveling. 

 If you’re unsure, compare with other similar rugs; synthetic rugs that imitate the original are usually cheaper by roughly $100 per square meter. 

This price disparity can make people excited about seeming “deals” without realizing that they’re not buying an authentic Moroccan rug with natural wool but rather a synthetic imitation.

Where To Find Authentic Moroccan Rugs Online

Authentic and Online

At this point, we’re all familiar with online shopping. However, online shopping has also garnered a reputation for being populated by lacking quality and soul. Many companies don’t put the same level of effort and history into their products, and they create mass-produced rugs by the thousands. Buying from these companies means having the same living room rug as 100,000 people worldwide.

Online shopping can be different from this, though. Online marketplace models, where artisans create one-of-a-kind handmade bedroom rugs, cute colorful rugs, and other individual and beautiful creations, have exploded as consumers demand high-quality. These websites connect consumers directly to the creator who crafts sheep wool carpets, Boujaad rugs, large Berber rugs, and other beautiful statement pieces. 

Authenticity Without a Plane Ticket

It used to be that the only method to get authentic Moroccan rugs was to hop on a plane and go there. Even then, it may feel like a crap shoot to find the right place to get the right place with the right high-quality rugs. And then you need to lug a rug home with you after your vacation.

Better Prices

While authentic Moroccan rugs are inherently at a higher price point because of their traditional methods and materials, working with artisans will save you money in the long run. Online market websites that connect the consumer directly to the artisan cut out the middleman or broker that sets the price higher to get a better commission. By working directly with the creator of your living room rug, you save the commission and can be assured that your money is going directly to the creator. 

The better prices extend to longevity as well. Each authentic Moroccan rug has centuries of wisdom and technique weaved into every square inch. This guarantees that with good treatment, these rugs will last a long time, ensuring you don’t have to buy another one- that is, unless there’s another room you want to decorate.

Choose An Authentic Moroccan Rug Today

Shopping for handmade, authentic Moroccan rugs that fit your personality and space perfectly isn’t as complicated or inaccessible as it used to be. With online vendors who offer you high-quality large Berber rugs and sheep wool carpets in a staggering variety of styles, you can shop for the perfect addition to your home from the comfort of that very same home. 

OunizZ is proud to provide handmade, high-quality authentic Moroccan rugs. So whether you’re searching for Beni Ourain rugs, Boujaad rugs, Azilal white Moroccan rugs, or some other large Berber rug to compliment your space and life, we have thousands of pieces that will evoke your imagination and soul. Click here for a view of our authentic Moroccan rugs.

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