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The Vets Usher in a New Dawn in the Pet Care Industry

According to a recent National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pets Products Association (APPA), 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet. Forbes reports that 78% of pet owners acquired their furry friends during the pandemic to cope with the lockdowns. Research shows that pet ownership can reduce anxiety and depression, increase physical activity, and boost your mood. In other words, a pet is a valuable addition to any household, and more people should get one.

However, like you, your pet needs high-quality care for its sake and yours as well. Regular checkups can identify and prevent disease-causing germs your pet may collect and bring into the house. They can also help you monitor your pet’s health, ensuring you get many years with your furry friend. That said, many people lead busy lives. Between work, long commutes, school, and other responsibilities, you may not have sufficient time to dash to the vet for a checkup. Sometimes your pet may fall ill suddenly, forcing you to reshuffle some duties.

The Vets, a tech-driven home pet care company, is revolutionizing pet care in the United States. Its cutting-edge innovations enable pet owners to book appointments online and receive the highest quality of care possible in the comfort of their homes. The Vets offer a wide range of pet care services, including feline and canine vaccinations, microchipping, sick visits, home lab tests, comprehensive exams, and issuing health travel certificates in select cities.

But who are these vets, and what do they intend to achieve? According to the company’s founder and CEO, The Vets were inspired by the events of the past two years. With the pandemic ravaging most parts of the world, many people were hesitant to endanger their lives by leaving their homes for visits to the vet. And like many businesses that quickly pivoted during the pandemic, The Vets makes pet care even more accessible by offering their services at-home 

Where The Vets stands out is through their intuitive platform. They offer flexibility to pet owners, veterinarians, and technicians by leveraging technology. The pet owner makes an appointment with the vets at their most convenient time, and the vets deliver high-quality care to the client’s doorstep. That eliminates the stress associated with long drives to the vet’s office, lengthy wait times, and anxiety arising from not knowing how soon your pet will be attended to. The Vets’ platform also allows the pet owner to access and monitor their pet’s care from the beginning, allowing them to be part of the health journey.

That’s not all. According to The Vets’ research, at-home visits are also good for your pet. Treating the pet in a familiar environment cultivates trust and increases the bond between the pet and its vet. That allows the vet to run better diagnoses, make accurate healthcare predictions, and analyze possible trends in the pet’s health. The Vets’ team then leverages the latest tools in technology and data analysis to provide preventive and preemptive care for your pet by monitoring its condition and using its historical data.

So far, the team has treated thousands of pets and helped over 20,000 families to take better care of their pets in over 16 major cities across the country. The Vets have active teams in Austin, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, and Tampa. The team is currently working on four new locations.

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