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Grant Conner is Making a Difference in the Gold Industry

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Grant Conner is an experienced entrepreneur with a fascination for finding the world’s purest Gold. That fascination has gripped many other men throughout the ages; Gold has been a point of infatuation for thousands of years, but its peerless beauty was only part of it. Gold is immutable, the crisp gleam of this precious metal never fades or tarnishes, and the only way to obtain it in its most clarified form is to find the best mines. Unfortunately, its rarity makes it difficult to find, its composition makes it taxing to process, and its origins trace back to the stars. Gold is essentially stardust – forged in the hearts of dying stars and propelled across the galaxy by supernova explosions, a miracle in metallic form.

Gold has surrounded Grant Conner since he was born. “Gold is in my blood. I am from Oroville, California. Oro means Gold. Ville means Town. I am a 4th generation entrepreneur from the city of gold.” Conner explains. He is the 4th in a long and rich lineage to take an interest in the gold and jewelry business, but he is the first to take his endeavors to a global scale. 

In 2013 he founded ‘Nuggets by Grant,’ an online store that sells high-quality, ethically mined gold nuggets on an international scale. Using their connections to Orocal, the number one natural gold jewelry company in the world, with established mines in Alaska, Canada, and Australia. Conner differentiates his gold and jewelry business from the others by basing his business on honesty, integrity, and traceable provenance. What’s also unique about his gold business is that it is eco-friendly. They focus on placer or artisan mining rather than pit or hard rock mining, which can be detrimental to both social and physical environments. 

Grant Conner is passionate about mining gold in ethical ways. He knows firsthand the effects of mining. Combined with his fascination with Gold, Conner has made it his mission to share his knowledge with the rest of the world. That’s why he is producing a documentary: The New Gold Standard. The goal of it is to help people understand gold in a whole new light, and care where they buy it and who they buy it from because unknowingly they could be supporting harsh mining practices, corruption, and genocide all across the world,” he says.

Conner has always wanted to be an instrument of change within the industry, and now he has the tools to do so, with the help of this documentary. He has also spent a lot of time growing his network and extending his reach within the space. He hopes that with his large following on social media and his determination to do what’s right, people will start to care much more about where their Gold is coming from. Advancements in our technology have helped pave the way as well: “Now that blockchain technology is being developed, I believe provenance of where your product came from backed by permanent smart contracts will change the world and how we see this precious metal which is one of the most intriguing substances in the known universe,” he says. 

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