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How 28-Year-Old Entrepreneur Augie Schmidt Gained Success in the Real Estate Industry 

Augie Schmidt is one of the new generation of commercial real estate investors. Aged only 28, he has made a name for himself and become a nationally recognized commercial agent who rose from being a research analyst to dominating the real estate industry. His journey to success has been a tough road but full of determination and sacrifice. He started out making very little money, and by God’s grace and incredibly hard work and perseverance, Augie has become a notable face in the country’s real estate industry.  

Augie first started his journey as a research analyst making only $12 per hour. This did help him gain a lot of experience, but there were changes that Augie had to make in life to succeed. He took the steps, started his real estate career, and continued to scale until he broke through. Even then, he never stopped learning.

This desire to grow and remain dedicated led him to launch an e-learning company called CRE Academy. The platform offers commercial real estate professionals an opportunity to learn and upskill to increase their chances of success. Augie has recently established a high-performance communityfor commercial real estate professionals called The CRE Collective.

Augie created these programs to ensure that no one needs to go through the beginning of their careers without the help of professionals. Augie has a passion for teaching people and assisting them in paving their own paths. Augie has also been persistent about making a name for himself in the commercial real estate industry. And now that he has, he is turning his focus to training others through CRE Academy. 

Being this successful is something Augie always knew he would achieve, even since he was younger. Being raised in challenging circumstances frequently results in people losing faith in themselves, but not Augie. At the age of 19, Augie was able to pull himself out of the chaotic and difficult circumstances that characterized his youth and made the decision to follow his dreams.

This was a turning point in his life and helped him get his affairs in order. Today, at only 28, he has managed to accomplish a lot. He has become a well-known commercial real estate agent across the country and sold properties totaling $100 million. These incredible figures have contributed to Augie’s success in the field.

Every challenge and hiccup in life has led Augie to where he is today. He is grateful for the experiences he has gained over these years and aspires to share them with others around him. Augie’s purpose while establishing himself was never monetary. He has been persistent in making a difference while bringing something unique to the table. 

Surviving in a tough industry like real estate has been a challenge, but Augie’s persistence got him through. From everything he has learned throughout his journey, Augie advises others to devise a plan for themselves and get a sense of direction from experts who have been in the industry long before them. 

Augie has even more potential to maximize CRE Academy by making the most out of the opportunities it presents to others. People like him are truly an inspiration for this generation’s many young and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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