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Dominating the educational sector with SaigolEd

Education is a basic need. Besides food, shelter, and clothing, receiving a quality education is every person’s fundamental right. Education has been repeatedly identified as the most powerful tool to fight against crime and poverty and power countries’ economic growth. 

Unfortunately, this basic right has not been evenly shared. The vast majority of children on the planet are deprived of high-quality education. 

Tackling this problem and offering children easy access to the highest quality education is the aim of SaigolEd, an EdTech company founded by Faisal Saigol. Founded in 2021, the company aims to provide millions of children around the world with the best education.  

Born in 1971 in the UK, Faisal Saigol found academic achievement easy from the very beginning. As an undergraduate at Jesus College Cambridge University, Faisal opted to read Law. He later received an MBA as a graduate degree from Harvard Business School. Saigol was always eager to implement what he learned in the practical world to bring his formidable academic intelligence to problems that also require a can-do, practical intelligence as well. 

Through decades in high finance, venture capital, and property investing, the ongoing problems evident in the educational sector constantly annoyed Faisal. Having studied at Cambridge and at Harvard, Faisal felt he owed it to kids around the world to open up access to the best that he had taken for granted. He, therefore, decided to launch SaigolEd, a platform providing the best education to millions of kids around the world: quality education that students can access 24/7, anywhere, anytime, and eliminating the need to pay for expensive schools and tutors. Faisal believes that millions of children have been deprived of high quality education for too long and that they shouldn’t have to settle anymore for limited options and limited horizons. Faisal believes that if children are not educated properly, the future loses out. Our future generations hold the power to change the world and drive the growth of their countries, so it is essential for children to access blue-chip education early.  

Faisal’s background was in property. Saigol DDC is based in the Isle of Man and invested in top-tier London properties, residential portfolios, logistics facilities, hotel portfolios, office buildings, and student accommodation portfolios. Saigol DDC started in property by focusing on London’s finest addresses, from Mayfair to Belgravia to Knightsbridge to St James’ Park. The company has created intricate properties overlooking sights such as Regent’s Park and Parliament fused with palatial grandeur and amenities, including saunas, porterage, 3D cinemas, and billiards rooms. The company’s works of art include Francis Bacon, Warhols, and Hirsts. Saigol DDC’s works have been recognized by the Wall Street Journal and The Times of London. 

Faisal enjoys his time in London today, having lived in Portugal for many years in a house overlooking Guincho Beach. 

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