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Komey Tetteh Became a Freelance Hedge Fund Manager and Made It Work for Him

Komey Tetteh, a hedge fund manager based in Dubai, is one of the most distinctive financial professionals out there. As one of few licensed and regulated freelance hedge fund managers, he’s making waves by offering something that has never before been seen in this space: freedom from traditional constraints. Hedge fund managers typically own or work for an organization, but Komey is an exception. Even though the world of finance can be cut-throat with high stakes, that hasn’t deterred him from becoming a successful, entrepreneurial, and highly-motivated individual looking to break the mold.

“I’m a freelance hedge fund manager from humble beginnings, using average tools available to produce extraordinary results in the financial markets,” Komey explains. “I provide trading services for hedge funds with over 100 million in capital under management.” He also partners with other investors through his Bespoke Alpha offering, where he adds value and additional strategies to existing funds.

Komey’s freelance journey began in 2017, nearly a decade after he made his debut in the financial markets. This move came after he made superior, consistent market returns, turning a tidy sum in profits for various clients. Over the years, he’s developed high-value networks and built an impressive resume. By the time he left the corporate sector, Komey was a highly-sought fund manager with multi-million dollar projects in his portfolio.

Since he went freelance, Komey has diversified his skill set and created a lucrative career. One of his most recent ventures is the institutional trader gap project, where he enables traders to communicate directly with the markets using advanced bridge technology. The tech removes the middleman from trading, giving professional traders direct liquidity. This gives clients access to what was previously seen as a privilege reserved for the ultra-wealthy and bridges the wealth gap in this space.

Komey’s innovative practices have made him a leader in this space, earning him a place of honor among the greats. Over the years, he has traded regulated products under the supervision of top global jurisdictions and highly regulated funds like ASIC (Australia) and FCA (UK), becoming one of the principal funds they offer. Best of all, he’s accomplished most of it without overhead costs, staff, or being tied down in an office. As such, he can be found at a beach resort or conference in some exotic location anywhere on earth—all while generating huge profits for himself and his clients.

Great as Komey’s life is now, his path to being a freelance hedge fund manager was not without its challenges. However, he’s no stranger to hard work, something he learned at 15. Living alone as a teenager taught him how to start producing an income, particularly without being caught. Initially, he survived by counterfeiting identification, allowing him to get jobs that covered his essential needs. Determined to change his circumstances, Komey worked most nights and went to school during the day. This continued while at university, where he faced homelessness for a while.

Despite all that, Komey graduated, got a job, and started building a successful career. Today he’s living his wildest dreams and inspiring thousands of people worldwide. His vision is to scale further, managing $500M across all the funds and deals he signs.

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