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Exclusive Interview with Shubham Sethi, Gleantap Co-Founder & Head of Product

We recently had the opportunity to converse with Shubham Sethi. He has a plethora of first-hand experience creating software solutions and startups from scratch. He is one of the co-founders of Mastera, a platform that gives coaches, trainers, and teachers the ability to create and manage every facet of their online knowledge business. In addition, he co-founded and serves as the product head for Gleantap, a platform for fitness franchise clubs and studios that predicts each member’s behavior and engages them through automated messaging and human outreach. Learn more about his brand-new platform Gleantap and the advantages of implementing it to adapt, evolve, and scale your fitness business.

Please tell us a bit about your background.

I have around 15 years of experience in launching and scaling software products from scratch. After working professionally with several businesses as a key product specialist, I cofounded Gleantap around 3.5 years ago. One of my earlier ventures, where I developed the product from scratch, was recently sold and acquired by another company.

Given your varied experience in product development, what motivated you to launch Gleantap?

We discovered that small businesses and the majority of fitness studios have high levels of client attrition. Every year, these companies lose up to 50% of their clientele. We have been on a mission to help these small and mid-size companies improve their operations by plugging holes in their leaking buckets. 

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and these owners put a lot of sweat and equity into starting and scaling their businesses. Hence, we wanted to help these owners improve their business profitability by making a big dent in their customer retention and churn. 

Please elaborate on your new platform, Gleantap, and the advantages it offers over your competitors.

Some of the most popular gym management softwares in the market are integrated with Gleantap which pulls member demographics and behavior data. The platform uses this data to apply its machine learning and built-in AI, which then produces some key insights into specific segments and their behaviors.

These insights are then used to engage the customers and members at the right time and with the right message. As a result, a series of digital touchpoints are established with the customers in order to maintain an ongoing emotional connection. Converting them into raving, loyal fans as a result. They end up staying a lot longer with the company and also bring in new clients through advocacy, referrals, and reviews.

Could you provide me a few instances of consumers who benefited from the services and connections you offered, along with the best-case scenario result(s)?

Nearly all of the clients we’ve worked with have benefited from our platform. But among our most noteworthy clients are Altitude Trampoline Parks, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and F45.

On our website,, we have numerous case studies for Gold’s Gym and Altitude Trampoline Parks. I advise looking at those as well as other additional success stories utilizing our software.

What do you think of the market’s current state? How do you anticipate your business influencing the future?

We are seeing a lot of positive activity in the market. The last two years of COVID-related closures and business impact have resulted in a significant amount of pent-up demand within the fitness industry. Many companies that delayed opening multiple locations over the past two years are now starting to do so.

Additionally, we are discovering that the clients that persevered with businesses during COVID were their most devoted and loyal supporters. The significance of member engagement and retention is paramount. And Gleantap aims to use smarter technology to support clubs and trainers as they continue to adapt, evolve, and scale their businesses in the ever-changing global environment.

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