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Virtual Reality Artists nominated for the Los Angeles Tribune Innovation Award

Work by Latin-American duo reflecting millennial human migration and transculturalism across the globe honored

Los Angeles (Oct 23rd, 2022) — Transeuntis Mundi Derive 01, a cutting edge technological and artistic wonder that has made waves across the globe for its exploration of transmedial art, here receives the Los Angeles Tribune Innovation Award.

“The project is an artistic proposal across music, cinema, performance, stories and narratives,” Borges said. “We define it as transmedial art.” 

“It’s about the story of the millennial passersby that have been crossing the world and aims to evoke the power of ancestry, identity and legacy through stories of everyday life,” Vélez said.

The work proposes to capture the sound and visual memory of peoples, culture, and geographies to generate an archive of human cultural heritage. Created by the duo of Latin-American composers formed by Cândida Borges from Brazil, and Gabriel Mario Vélez, from Colombia, this project was created in 2019 and pulled from their own migration experience worldwide and cultural backgrounds as a reference point for creating their tech-based artwork. Both are recognized PhD scholars and artists, working in academy. The project results from their artistic investigation across arts, science, and technology. 

This work has been presented in 18 festivals and exhibitions worldwide including Brazil, US, Colombia, Portugal, China, Ireland, UK, had three publications, and over 5000 visitors in the last 3 years. The project was also recently nominated for the prestigious British award The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology 2022.

In the latest iteration, Derive 01, New York, Austin, Rochester, McAllen, London, Plymouth, as well as Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá, Medellín are presented – each selected for their blend of cultures, genetics and borders. The countries explored in this version of the work include the UK, US, Brazil and Colombia.

“It’s a radically immersive way to experience art and culture,” Borges said. “Visitors are invited to experience the power of traveling through cultures and locations by virtually migrating inside the VR headset.”

“During the work, visitors experience soundscapes, landscapes, people, languages, bodies, costumes, environments, seasons and small spontaneous narratives of everyday life events,” Vélez said. “Virtual reality is the top medium for immersive art in today’s world. This work is an example of where the medium can go for the field of contemporary art”.

Technologically speaking, the projects expands the use of virtual reality to the realm of contemporary art, by developing an experience fully immersive and interactive, based on 360 images and ambisonic sound –  to create a realistic experience in these places and culture. The composition combines the elements of sound and digital art, narrative, expanded cinema, photography, and documentary.

For its contribution to the field of Arts and Technology, for advancing studies on immersive and interactive works for the metaverse, for contemplating timely subjects such as migration and transculture, we are proud to recognize the Transeuntis Mundi Project with the Los Angeles Tribune Innovation Award 2022.

For more information about Transeuntis Mundi, visit the project website – An online exhibition can be currently watched there until Nov 30th. The project also maintains a presence on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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