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Elton Yaldo-An Emerging Multi Talented Entrepreneur Has Achieved A Remarkable Success As The Youngest Agency Owner

Summary: Elton Yaldo Life Insurance Producer and the owner of Family Force LLC,  becoming a  reputable American Entrepreneur, and Agency Owner. The main goal which became the success of his life is to drive to help people in need the most.With his multi talented abilities he manages life insurance agents across the country.

Elton Yaldo is a businessman,or in other words he can be referred to as a jack of all the trades.In recent development, from his different startups, he is achieving remarkable success at a young age, gaining experience through training and education making him leading rising  Entrepreneur in the industry.Moreover,Elton has developed a mindset that focuses on continued business development and building a reputable Life Insurance Agency that delivers life insurance plans perfect for the client and their family’s financial future.

Furthermore,keeping in mind the financial effect of COVID-19 pandemic towards the world,Elton Yaldo setup the strategies that effectively plan for unforeseen circumstances.

As an entrepreneur, Elton Yaldo sets himself in a focused mindset of developing his business in the way that best helps his clients achieve their ultimate goals. By understanding that the client’s needs are first, he can ensure the best insurance provider is selected and coverage is applicable for each specific case.

Elton Yaldo works constantly towards the future by continuously improving his business skill set by travelling and continuing his education in business management and finance. When there is  a clear objective, his determination and hard work don’t stop until the task is completed accurately. He strives to be the powerhouse in the insurance producer industry by using this mindset to always ensure the client gets the solution they need for their individual case.

Elton knows the power of giving and caring for people and knows that providing every client the best possible solution doesn’t always mean closed business for his company. His company,Family Force LLC, is able to put the client’s needs first and determine what they need and if it’s a fit for their personal financial circumstance and family’s future financial structure. His giving and caring personality shaped him to be the way he is in business and school early on; and passed down by example from his family from generation to generation. He developed business relationships with like-minded people that are now proud agents of Family Force LLC and serve the community across the United States of America.

Family Force LLC’s backbone is supported based on the history of how Elton Yaldo became a

Life Insurance Producer. For Elton, it started when he lost his father, best friend, and 

mentor at a very young age. He went through the struggle of losing his role model while trying to learn how to work around setbacks and not growing up with much. Elton Yaldo knew his family was strong and focused day in and day out to work towards his ultimate goals; making his father proud and supporting his family with the best in life. He paved the way by spending the time dedicated to business by trying everything he can to find what he was truly passionate about in life and business. He started with businesses in a car customization online business, telemarketing sales, online stores, and even local businesses and jobs.

Additionally,he found his passion in life insurance and knew that it was the way to help himself, his family,and even other people in the country. He has grown a lot in a short time, primarily based on his dedication to his family and his love for his departed father and grandfather.Elton Yaldo has a lot to be thankful for in life and knows that his business mentor, Valentino Kalaj, who is like a brother to him, has a significant part in who he is today in business and personal life. Valentino has mentored him in business and disciplined him to work hard day in and day out, and to stay focused on the bigger picture for his future. Moe Raychouni is another mentor for Elton in business and supported him through business ventures and education for his life insurance business.

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