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Michel Pascal creates a Spiritual Musical, to calm the mind

What people can expect with Yoganandance, a Musical to celebrate Yogananda?

To calm their mind, deeply, also to sing, to dance, to give hope, to celebrate Yogananda. More than ever, we suffer from stress, anxiety, and fears. A Spiritual Musical can be a Big Bang in our life, to feel better, immediately, without any effort. 

Can you tell more about meditation in this musical?

The meditation will be guided by the exceptional spiritual leaders, Michael Beckwith, Sister Jenna, Yogi Cameron, Yogini Jaima, and the venue of Venerable Lama Tashi Norbu from Tibet. 

About the Music?

A musical to celebrate Yogananda and is influenced by Indian Music. When I compose, I love to blend Indian music with Hip Hop, Native American, R & B. 

We have the chance to have probably one of the best bands in America, directed by Myron McKinley, Music Director of the legendary Earth Wind and Fire, also the Indian Tabla Master, Sri Hemant Ekotbe, and my favorite drummer Stacey Lamont Sydnor, and Ian Martin bass player. On electric sitar is Paul Pesco, another legendary guitar player. 

About the Script, the narration?

As author, my question was ‘’How can we celebrate Yogananda, through an unexpected angle?’’ After a long prayer to Yogananda, a sort of divine inspiration came, and the script was written in one hour. The story of a homeless woman living at the parking lot of the Biltmore Hotel in LA, rebuilding her life, with her faith in Yogananda, to follow his advice ‘’never give up’’. The spiritual leader, actress Temple Hayes, came to me. I have directed her in the film Never Alone, starring Deepak Chopra, Gabriella Wright, she was incredibly powerful. Temple Hayes is an explosion of love, humor, emotion on stage, she has created the Spiritual Entertainment !!!

About the Dance?

In a musical, choreography is also very important. For many years, Sonya Om has performed with me at Carnegie Hall. Her style is absolutely unique, she blends Indian dance, Afro Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, also Yoga, Reiki. 

I heard that you have breaking news?

Yes, we have the confirmation that Sujon Datta, the great nephew of Yogananda will bless the show, the audience, he is the blood of Yogananda, his spiritual memory. For me, Sujon, like Lama Tashi, are the future spiritual leaders, especially adapted to our time. 

We will create this world premiere, at the Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles, exactly where Yogananda made his transition in 1952…The moment of the show, about his death will arrive in the narration at 9 30pm…exactly the same time, when Yogananda gave his last breath…



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