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HomeBuddy Is Redefining Home Improvement Across the USA

The home renovation sector is now dominated by extremely old, traditional businesses that are well behind the times in many aspects and are ripe for disruption. Due to the current status of the home improvement market and how consumers discover contractors, homeowners are left with several issues, particularly when seeking to use some of the industry’s top players, such as or Fortunately, HomeBuddy, a new Swiss home improvement startup, is already squeezing HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List from some of their bread-and-butter verticals.

HomeBuddy is the brainchild of Siren Group, an award-winning digital marketing firm based in Switzerland with over 120 team members across the globe. Siren Group is actively growing, and the fully-remote team aims to double its headcount annually for the next few years. They’re looking to hire a wide variety of roles.

The HomeBuddy platform connects homeowners to high-quality, licensed contractors across the USA. Clients can request a project estimate, and HomeBuddy’s algorithm will pair them with a contractor that has availability and fits their needs. HomeBuddy’s team has vetted all contractors on the platform, and in less than four months, these contractors have completed over 13,000 projects.

Many of HomeBuddy’s competitors rely on hundreds of shady third-party affiliates to handle their advertising without much oversight. Those affiliates are incentivized to encourage individuals to get quotes because they are compensated for producing leads. The simplest approach to achieve this is to give them false information about the price of the service. As a result, contractors receive low-quality leads and frustrated customers who signed up for the service expecting significantly lower pricing than what the contractors ultimately give them. This results in an abysmal experience for everyone involved, other than the third-party affiliates who make a quick buck and move on to something else. 

HomeBuddy on the other hand handles all of their advertising in-house and is very careful to make sure consumers have the right expectations when requesting quotes for home renovations on its website.

The HomeBuddy team also faults that many contractors who bid for business on competing platforms employ bait-and-switch strategies. When they first offer a price to secure the project, they inform the client that they discovered something during the process that would increase the price; thus, no one is satisfied in the end. But this is not the case at HomeBuddy as they have adopted a distinct strategy in which they match every request for quotes with a single excellent contractor who will focus on providing a good experience and charge them fairly for high-quality labor and service. Contractors are happy because they can be proud of the task they complete and do it well without shirking their responsibilities, while customers enjoy exceptional service at a fair price.

More importantly, HomeBuddy is on a mission to protect homeowners from scammers who pose as contractors and take your deposit and disappear or are simply disorganized and take forever to complete the job after promising to do it quickly or just do poor-quality work. You can also avoid all these hustles by finding a reliable and reputable contractor on who will do a great job at a fair price.

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