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Dr. Miles Madison in Goldy’s Corner

Dr. Miles Madison in Goldy’s Corner

I think many of us are guilty of the proverbial late-night Instagram or TikTok scrolling. It’s so easy to get lost in mindless posts by every self-appointed influencer out there. Everyone’s got a brand, everyone wants to be famous, and everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. I feel like I’m living in the 2006 movie “Idiocracy” some nights where people have resorted to vomiting streams of consciousness that make no sense. They are not an authority on anything but by wearing tight enough yoga pants and having an abundance of lip filler, somehow that blue check mark appears next to their profile.

I’ve always been a quality-over-quantity gal. I find my thirsty palette looking to drink upon something to satiate my online appetite but lately, my quest has been turning up dry.  Then like @Qpark I find myself uncontrollably singing and I see a new Khaby Lame in the making but this influencer is REALLY making people smile by yelling at the camera “Hell No!”

He hails as “The Gumfather” on TikTok and Dr. Miles Madison on Instagram. His smile lights up the internet and gives even Charlie Chaplin/ Nat King Cole’s song a run for its money. After all, he’s built his career and brand upon his own epic grin.

He’s the founder of Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute in Beverly Hills CA and is dedicated to changing lives with smiles. Dr. Madison is a self-proclaimed “gentle soul” or “gentle pup” as I like to call him and has a very different approach to health care. He realizes that his service has to be individualized, as his patients from all over the world have different genetics, needs, and backgrounds. This doctor who entered college at 16, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science, looks at the patient as a whole and also where their mental state is. He tailor-makes specific treatments just for them.

Dr. Miles constantly referred to his staff as “team players” which speaks volumes about his character. This is the “go-to guy” in Los Angeles and I was beginning to see why very quickly on my Goldy’s Closet podcast interview. He’s a bonafide Rock Star but swaps his mic for the education of the almighty toothbrush. 

On my podcast, he breaks down ways of taking care of our oral hygiene by putting our mouths into perspective and concentrating on our teeth. Dr. Miles explains “teeth have 3 surfaces that we need to worry about. 1 is the service that we can see visibly. The inside and the outside of the tooth. That’s the exposed surface and that you can clean with a toothbrush. Then 2, you have the middle surfaces where the teeth are touching each other. A toothbrush or a mouthwash is not going to clean that. The only way to clean in between the teeth is with floss or a water pick or some device that forces something between the teeth to remove the plaque. Those are the two surfaces that most people can take care of at home.”

Dr. Miles Madison describes the 3rd and the last surface “is below the gums.” It’s tough to clean that at home so he urges people to minimally go the dentist for an annual cleaning if not twice a year. Some people he says even need it every three months. He just urges us to brush for two minutes before bedtime and floss.

While drinking in and reviewing this monumentally important routine, don’t follow it with a boozy chaser. Meaning, I personally have been using mouthwash my whole life and thought the more alcohol in it the better. I grew up thinking that’s how my mouth would be CLEAN! Not the case as Dr. Miles illustrates through really fun social media content.  

This gum-treating wizard’s TikTok and Instagram posts are fused with education and humor in just the right bite-sized sugar-free nuggets. He does short brand and product reviews in a minute or less teaching us that many types of mouthwash have not just alcohol in them but antifreeze to boot. I had no idea! Dr. Miles does it in a way that makes you remember the valuable knowledge he’s sharing through his professional original product rating system, “Good, Bad and Hell No!”

Our Beverly Hills periodontist enlightened me on the gut microbiome & how it affects overall health. The mouth is basically the beginning of the gut and has 10 billion bacteria that live there. Dr. Miles explains most of bacteria are symbiotic bacteria which are beneficial to our health. If you’re using an alcohol-based mouthwash you’re basically nuking or destroying everything needed in your mouth. “Not only are you getting rid of the bad guys but you’re mostly getting rid of the good guys giving the bad guys the room to occupy the oral cavity.” His point of kicking most alcoholic oral rinses to the curb wasn’t the only lesson in a good punt.

Many of us spend hours scrolling and watching stupid mindless content of people falling and getting kicked in the face as our virtual entertainment. Don’t even act like you haven’t gotten sucked in on that rabbit hole. Dr. Madison actually offers valuable information free with his educating and entertaining content teaching you just WHAT to do if shenanigans in one of these virtual videos happen to you.

For instance, do you know what to do as a grown adult if you get your tooth knocked out? What’s your next step? Do you know the timeline? I learned the answer on one of my new favorite periodontist’s pages.

You are to try and put the tooth back where it came from. It doesn’t have to be perfect but try to fit it in the space as best you can. If you can’t get it locked in,  keep it between your cheek and your gum wedged for protection until you can get to a dentist 30 minutes to an hour from when it happened. Running out of time? It can be stored in milk or saline solution as well. I would have never known this but following Dr. Madison truly has its benefits. 

Handing holding milk teeth and little root with tweezer over a glass of milk isolated on white background.

The Gum Father is the Hollywood king of dental implants and it’s easy to see why. His comparison of surgeons to elite athletes is very eye-opening. “You have to have the same mentality, you have to love what you do because it’s a very intense situation you constantly put yourself in,” he explains. He prides himself on continuous education and constantly making his sutures as pretty and pain-free as the Mona Lisa. 

Everyone at Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute is there to help the patient. Dr. Miles lights up when he speaks of his team. “They are all the same character” he boasts. We go above and beyond to make sure the client is comfortable. They get blankets, pillows, and little things that make a big difference.” Dr. Madison specializes in calming down patients who come in white-knuckled who have been mistreated by other offices in the past. He says “it’s a travesty if somebody has a need but they’re not doing it because they’re scared. 90% of patients have had some sort of trauma with a dentist and they never want to go back.” Overall his practice is geared toward the patient. Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute provides the best and most optimal care for everyone.

Dr. Madison is board certified in I.V. sedation and hypnosis. He is also the innovator of numerous advanced techniques, and lectures nationally to other dentists and periodontists. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards throughout his remarkable career. His passion for education is exemplified in his position as a Visiting Lecturer at UCLA School of Dentistry, his status on the California Board of Dental Examiners General Anesthesia, and as a Conscious Sedation Evaluator. But that’s not what makes him “cool,” Dr. Miles has a way of making everyone understand complicated things by making them funny. Humor and humility go a long way in this world. Especially for me.

So my Golden Take Home withOUT a grain of salt or sugar! Proper oral care isn’t as hard as I thought it was and is no longer a mystery. I will continue to follow Dr. Madison and learn as much as I can and share with everyone as I did here and so should you. Always look at the ingredients and when you find something a little suspect on the label, it’s ok. Just smile, put it back on the shelf and say to yourself, “Hell No!”


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