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David Munoz’s brand new romantic song ‘Love is Like a Crystal’ delivers passionate vocalization

The uprising Latin pop singer David Munoz releases a passionate single ‘Love is Like a Crystal’ designed with lots of delightful feelings and tenderness.

As long as you live, you want to love someone. The new Latin artist David Munoz shares the same feeling in the latest pop song Love is Like a Crystal. His delightful vocal tunes gorgeously express the irresistible attraction to lose his mind for the sake of the addictive love. His lovesick anthem creates memorable hooks with delicate vocal improvisation. He epitomizes the genuine expression of falling head over heels in the magical lyrical grandeur. Its infectious pop rhythms grow more impact on the audience with his honest confessions loaded with smitten energy.

David Munoz’s footing in the music industry becomes indelible with the success of the newest hit single ‘Love is Like a Crystal’. He releases the top-notch pop EP called ‘Eyes Of A Hundred Thousand Years’ with two songs and the romantic song is one of them. It is based on a sweet romantic relationship he experienced. The beautiful blend of dance-pop backbone in its genre-bending rhythms sets out a brilliant presentation. The groovy hooks and his syrupy voice become the source of relaxation. He is going to release a brand new work, another breathtaking song ‘here I am’ on April 5. Stay tuned with him on Spotify and other social platforms to know more about the upcoming release.

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