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Leading Celebrity Success Coach Reaches New Milestone

Interviews with Dr. Jeremy Lopez seem much more difficult to schedule these days than in the previous decade. Not because he is opposed to being interviewed but because, quite simply, the demand for his time is ever-increasing. In the decade since his book The Power of the Eternal Now quickly became an international bestseller, only to be followed by other bestselling books like Power Attraction and Creating with Your Thoughts, Lopez has become one of the most prominent, most sought-after success coaches in the industry today. And, based on the demand, it seems his very best days are still ahead. 

In the world of success coaching – a world filled with gurus, motivators, and lecturers – Lopez stands out among the top in the field due to his uncanny knack for mixing success principles with spirituality in a way that few others can. For this reason, he is sought after not only by those seeking life coaching but also by many within spiritual communities throughout the world. He serves as personal advisor to heads of business, heads of state, and to some of the most well-known names in the entertainment industry. To this day, there are some business leaders who refuse to make a move without first consulting him for his uncanny insight and shockingly accurate “predictions.”

Lopez has been called everything from a success guru to a “prophet;” however, “Dr. J,” as he is sometimes affectionately known, is quick to say, “Just call me Jeremy.” When he joined us via Zoom from his home in Birmingham, Alabama to discuss his newest book, Co-Creators: Creating Your Day, he shared, “I believe everything about life can change when we change the way we think about ourselves. This book came from that idea.” In Co-Creators: Creating Your Day, Lopez shares the valuable insider secrets he shares with his own celebrity clientele, noting, “It’s really not difficult to predict the future when you realize you have a role to play in creating the future you want. And that can start today.” The topic of creativity is a central theme within his latest book, and, according to Lopez, it is an otherworldly force that can create virtually anything we desire. 

For Lopez, though, this newest release marks a milestone in his both his life and career because, shockingly, it is his 100th book. For a man who once operated a successful bookstore, selling the books of other authors, to now be one of the most prolific authors within the industry, himself, is a dream come true. “I genuinely love seeing people succeed in life,” Lopez says. “I believe people have greatness within them, and I just want them to realize it.” With prominent endorsements from other top coaches like Brian Tracy and Greg S. Reid and with a roster of clients now spanning seven continents, it is abundantly clear that in sharing his empowering message of “success” with the world, Lopez has created his very own success in the process. Co-Creators: Creating Your Day is now available worldwide wherever books are sold. 

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