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Daniel Arias, a pioneer in Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment and aesthetics.

He has become a learner in this medical treatment. Mr. Arias Pachely continues to help patients suffering from alopecia and hair loss induced by the side effects from cancer treatments. 

NuHair Ink offers Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Fibroblast training online.

Daniel Arias, a renowned hair DMP provider using Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP),  has been able to provide amazing results by working with physician and Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artist. Some of his clients consider him the Scalp Guru or Scalp Doctor since he has been able to achieve wonderful results and provide flawless Scalp Micro Pigmentation result. NuHair Ink is now providing online training courses for medical providers and businesses across the United States and Latin America. The training features the core fundamentals of Scalp Micro Pigmentation, ranging from skin color matching, needle specification, blending techniques, hairline design, and more.

SMP is an advanced hair replacement technique that deposits pigment into the scalp using detailed micro-needles. Contrary to popular belief, scalp micro pigmentation is not a hair tattoo, as the ink used in SMP does not discolor like tattoo ink does. The SMP pigment treatment also expands differently once injected into the skin. This treatment offers permanent results.

Hair loss is common for men and women and can be a great source of insecurity. Today, the availability of hair restoration services has helped thousands regain their confidence and look their best. NuHair Ink’s Scalp Micro Pigmentation training helps businesses and technicians in the space deliver the best services to their clients. The clinic is changing how people view hair loss by providing result-driven solutions. The training is tailored to equip people with the necessary tools, knowledge, and new techniques to thrive in the industry.

With expert hair consultants ready to answer any client needs, NuHair Ink clinic promptly responds with the latest hair loss solutions to conceal any range of hair issues like scars, alopecia, balding, thinning and more. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a solution that is 100% effective, affordable, non-invasive, and requires minimal maintenance after the treatment.

Daniel Arias SMP training courses are available in English and Spanish modules that can be taken online or in one-on-one private sessions over three days. Treatment and private training are offered at their clinics in Sacramento and Roseville, which have received an outpour of positive reviews from clients and students. The aesthetic clinic is also known for its fibroblast treatment and training services. “We offer life-changing treatments in scalp micro pigmentation and aesthetic treatments.

For more information on NuHair Ink and to enroll, visit the website or follow the clinic on social media.

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