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CCOMGROUP’s Manuel Machado Shares Key Insights for Businesses Looking at the Post-Pandemic Market

The global crisis that we are experiencing caused by COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses of all sizes and industries. But there are those who, even in discouraging scenarios, not only see opportunities, but take advantage of them to turn the situation around and obtain positive results.

In recent years we have heard a lot about the crisis generated by a pandemic: the one that left, the current one, the one that is coming, the slowdown, the recession, the economic recovery and when stability is planned, a new crisis is looming over every now and then. 

Periodic crises suffered by the world’s economic system combined with globalization, the increase in competitiveness, customer demands, banking restrictions and the dynamism of the markets, have pushed market players on the edge where survival of companies is governed by the primitive (but still valid) “law of the strongest.” Those who can quickly and intelligently adapt to the continuous changing environment, leveraging spaces and gaps to generate new markets for goods and services.

While some sectors have shown greater adaptability and resilience than others, we believe that companies need to act quickly and decisively – and even in advance – to stay afloat. Without a doubt, your plans to face these difficulties are already underway and we want to help you in this vital process for your business, no matter its size: micro, small, medium, or large, or whether it is family-based or institutional.

Manuel Machado Shares Exclusive Insights on How to Rake in Profits in the Post pandemic Market

For over two decades, top executive Manuel E. Machado has amassed extensive experience in branding and reputation management, strategic marketing, public relations, and business management. He can increase a company’s or organization’s visibility among its stakeholders thanks to his credible knowledge of various industries and cultures, his track record as a leader, and his entrepreneurial zeal.

Machado’s undeniable skill in global corporate and brand positioning, and national and local groundbreaking campaigns, has helped many brands gain market dominance and consumer appeal. In addition, working with clients worldwide and in various industries has given him a wealth of experience in public relations and outreach.

Machado and Luis Gonzalez collaborated in 2015 to Co-Chair the new growth strategy for C-Com Group, Inc., a Miami-based full-service agency with a diverse portfolio of national clients. This partnership was aimed at bolstering the agency’s equity, credentials, and advertising capabilities, while increasing opportunities related to public relations, digital, and social media. C-Com Group, Inc. currently manages a roster of well-known companies under its new moniker, including the Florida Power and Light Company, South East Toyota Distributors, LLC, Neutrogena® and Clean & Clear®.

Machado was the chief executive officer and co-founder of MGSCOMM, an IMC firm. As a result of his leadership, MGSCOMM was recognized as one of the fastest-growing marketing communications agencies in the country, placing it in the top 5 independently-owned Ad Agencies in the “2014 Advertising Age Top 50 U.S. Hispanic Agencies,” as well as the “2014 Hispanic Business Fastest-Growing 100 Companies” and the “2014 South Florida Business Journal 50 Fastest-Growing Companies.” In addition, Machado was honored as’s 2013 Agency Executive of the Year.

Machado has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the world, including McDonald’s, Coors, Ford, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, MasterCard International, Procter & Gamble, and Nike, to name a few. Machado also started and led the marketing communications agency The Meka Group (later rebranded as BVK/Meka), which boasted a client roster that included Sprint PCS, Nike, Pfizer, and Tenet Health System, all of whom are Fortune 100 companies.

Machado further shares how agencies can keep the spirits high, while maintaining the market relevancy of their client partners

  1. Maintaining the motivation of your workers, offering job security and health related facilities

Health and safety are important, so a flexible working environment and policies tend to go well. Consider all the possibilities, such as teleworking, to support your staff to stay healthy. Offer online learning possibilities to your employees, when possible. Investing in your staff’s expertise is an investment in the continued growth of your organization.

  1. Keep consistent communication with customers

Post-pandemic market is different. There are supply chain differences, new laws and regulations to adhere, and many other points which could possibly affect service and operations. This may well be communicated to customers. As an agency, we work with our clients on crafting effective and digestible communications for their consumers. For instance, this can range from using social media to engage with customers on announcements and updates, to developing media messaging.

  1. Adjust messaging strategies real-time

At the outset of the pandemic, you should have reviewed all marketing materials and removed any that were no longer relevant or unnecessary. However, continuing to monitor the market and consumer sentiment is still important, to ensure that your programs and communications are beyond effective – they’re authentic to the cultural nuances that the consumer is living.

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