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A Vision of Leading with Love: The Rose Santiago Interview

Rose Santiago

“I love to take chances, even though I’m petrified.”

We’re speaking to Rose Santiago today about the many ways she is continuing to empower herself and everyone around her through transformational work.

Rose’s evolution is a continuous one, and if there is a story to truly represent hers, it would be like that of a butterfly’s life. “I feel the whole thing with caterpillars and butterflies because I continue to evolve. I’m still learning and growing myself,” says Rose.

In high school, finding herself gravitating toward artistic expression, she wanted to be part of a school play requiring the whole nine yards of singing, acting, and dancing. When asked to take part in the play, it was a moment of second-guessing that led to denying the role entirely.

 “I said no because of all these doubts I had about myself… All these insecurities started to plague my mind, and I said no to an opportunity because of my blindness,” reveals Rose.

The lost chance eventually led to her understanding that “a lot of times we are the ones that put up the walls in front of us when we believe we can’t do something without trying,” she says. Today she views her blindness as a tool; using it to “help people see that if it’s possible for me, why wouldn’t it be possible for you?”

Rose Santiago

Rose’s Vision

Born blind with a vision, as she says, she claims to have always possessed a free spirit and found joy in being of service to those who came across her help.

“I just kept evolving and realized that I could do more – that I could be more.”

This understanding ultimately led her directly into a limitless mindset and acting on her multiple talents including her lifelong goal of becoming an author. In Live Your True Essence: Transform Fear to Flow, Rose speaks on her journey, offering a guide to finding one’s true purpose, and revealing the key elements to breaking away from stagnation and into a flow state.

Rose is also a co-author of the book Be a Success Maverick Vol. 4: How Ordinary People Do It Different to Achieve Extraordinary Results. In this anthology book, alongside other thought leaders and experts, she shares more of her secrets to living your true essence.

“I always wrote. I wrote poetry and essays, winning awards for them. I was born with the ability to write, to express myself, but I put it on hold” she continues, “I thought that when I decide to write, all the things that I learned throughout my life would come down to the moment that I decide to write my book.”

She reflects that much of her drive came from the process of finding love within herself, allowing her to believe she can produce her best work.

“It has to come from you; loving yourself first to share that love with the world… I always tried to look for love out there… I thought that I needed to find it to make me feel whole, and that was not it,” she says. “I had to feel whole in order to share that love… this book meant sharing all of these tools and techniques with people that can really work and transform their lives.”

Scents of Success

A self-taught aromatherapy guru, Rose is also the founder of her own brand of a holistic, all-natural online apothecary store through her True Essence brand – offering an alternative, additive-free approach to massage oils, natural body butters, and more.

“I love to create my own aromatherapy recipes for different ailments and spiritual imbalances,” she says.

With a strong belief that people can take more control and ownership in bettering their health, wellness, and healing, Rose has been involved in working with essences for over two decades.

“I study these essences and what they do. They are mood enhancers, especially essential oils. They help you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. People don’t fully understand their composition. They have a multitude of uses,” she advocates.

Moreover, Rose is a coach and mentor for over 10 years providing one-on-one sessions and classes to entrepreneurs and anyone looking to hone-in on their inner power, confidence, self-love, and self-mastery.

“By my example, and the tools and techniques that I teach people, I can make a difference and make them more authentic within themselves,” she affirms.

At their core, her coaching techniques involve working with the mind, body, and spirit.

“Caring for yourself in all three of these areas is imperative to living a successful and healthy lifestyle,” says Rose. “All three of these things play a role in creating a person that is authentic… contributing to making us better people overall.”

Rose Santiago

Absolutely Unstoppable

Rose has done everything from surfing, rocking climbing, and mountain climbing, to dangling her feet from a helicopter, to mechanical bull riding! Rose holds nothing back and she seems to be a force to be reckoned with. Ms. Santiago was recently awarded the Unstoppable Award by Top Talent Agency for her inspiring work and contribution.

“It touched my heart. I felt like not only was I receiving it from Top Talent Agency, but it felt like I was receiving it from a higher power…That high power has been next to me every step of the way through all of it,” she expresses.

Leading with Love

Rose is inspired by various cultural figures, modeling much of her leadership approach after Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Sean Callagy, and Wayne Dyer.

“They are leaders that lead with heart and soul… they help people to grow in their influence, to grow in so many ways. And they do it in such a loving and caring way,” says Rose. “Being a leader means that I lead with love, integrity, being heart-centered, and really guiding people to do it in a way that represents where they are so that I can help them to grow exponentially.”

A notable Wayne Dyer quote that sticks most out to her correlates with her philosophy and the perspective she bestows on friends, her audience, and clients through her coaching.

“Wayne Dyer says that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. If we’re spirits having a human experience, what are we doing with that temporary human experience?” she says.

“We have to make the best of it.”

To keep up with Rose Santiago and the True Essence brand visit and buy your copy of Live Your True Essence: Transform Fear to Flow, available at or on Amazon.

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