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A Self-Made Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Guru Writes his Own Story

Steven Parks worked on a farm at a young age. He had a great work ethic but realized it wasn’t for him. At just 14 years old, Steven knew he was an entrepreneur and was ready for big things.

Steven Parks is a real estate guru and entrepreneur. He flips properties for profit and has done it over 40 times. Parks typically rents properties out, turning them into Airbnb’s or long-term rentals. Parks is also the founder and CEO of Cash Offers LLC which is precisely what it sounds like. He makes cash offers to those looking to sell their properties, making it easy for sellers and profitable for him. Steven Parks has the acumen needed as a successful entrepreneur.

His dedication and belief in himself have made him extremely successful. Farm life made Parks realize that hard manual labor wasn’t for him. He didn’t want the blue-collar lifestyle so he ventured into the auto industry. Parks was naturally curious about the successful people around him which led him to introduce himself to the company that financed a lot of his customer’s transactions at the car dealership. This curiosity is what ultimately led to the shift in his career trajectory.  

“If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.” Steven Parks said. Parks was able to finance his first real estate deal with this company, making the rest history. He has since made many deals and is still counting. He wants to eventually own “100 doors” which in real estate lingo translates to units. It’s the rental income that creates wealth and the ability to procure more properties. It’s not just about the money for Steven Parks, though.

Parks always wanted to make something of his life, even at that very young age of 14.  When asked how he got into real estate, Parks said, “I wanted to create my own story.” Parks’ upbringing was tumultuous, as he lost both parents and was raised by his grandmother. Although difficult, the experience motivated him to act. Parks focused on himself and those around him. He knew other people had a lot to offer, so he always put himself out there. Even when things got bad in his career, Parks has always persevered. 

Parks kept going because he’s a true entrepreneur. He’s an open-minded, curious, spirited, and hard-working individual. His goal is to own more properties. He wants to become the 100 million dollar company he knows he can be. There’s no doubt that he will get there. He’ll continue to move and adapt throughout his career. Steven Parks is writing his own story with each move he makes. 

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