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Exclusive Feature: The Divine Quantum

Manifesting the dream life seems to be a difficult task for a lot of people, but these two women Bia Yuri and Cris Rabello, CEO’s of The Divine Quantum Institute are changing the life of many by reprogramming the mind on a quantum level and making the Law of Attraction an easy process. We followed up with them to ask questions about how the Law of Attraction really works and how can you Quantum jump your reality.

Q1. First, I would like to start by asking what exactly is The Divine Quantum Institute?

The Divine Quantum Institute was founded in Honolulu – Hawaii, with the purpose to reveal the missing secret to manifestation. Through our own life experiences and a lot of study on Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction we were able to create our exclusive technique “Quantum Leap 5D”, that helps people to Quantum jump their reality and live a life of true abundance and happiness.

Q2. What do you mean by Quantum Jumping Realities?

Quantum Jump realities is to detach yourself from your currently reality and Jump into the reality that you are dreaming about.
When you truly understand that you are a divine being and not your limitations, you can activate your mind to the infinite possibilities all around you.

Q3. In a few words, can you explain What is the Law of Attraction and why a lot of people experience so much difficulties in validating it?
The Law of Attraction is one of the Laws the governs our Universe, whether you believe in it or not. This Law states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. In simple terms, Like attracts like. Positive mindset = positive life. But it is much more complex than simply thinking positive, that is why you may think positive and do daily affirmations and see no results.
A lot of people experience difficulties in validating and believing this Law because they simply don’t know how it works, therefore they think it is no true. The first step to all achievements is to start by having a clear image of what you want to attract. Without having a definite goal and burning desire you won’t accomplish anything.

Q4. How long does it take for the Law of Attraction to take effect?
How long does it takes you to go from Home to work when you are NOT in a hurry? How long does it takes you to go from home to work when you ARE in a hurry? You can drive a little faster and take shortcuts or you can drive a little slower and go the long route. So we will ask you: How bad do you want to manifest it? Bottom line: you are the creator, how fast or slow it is going to take depends solo on YOU.

Q5. Can you give one tip to someone that is having a difficult time manifesting?
We advise you to move Into the state of mind of Reception. Many people know what they want but only a few know how to receive what they are asking for. I know, it sounds cliche, but most people feel in doubt, feel unworthy or have major limiting beliefs installed deep in their subconscious mind. These negative feelings and beliefs are giant blocks in the manifestation process and only pushes you away the things you are trying to attract. To manifest with ease, you must access the depths of your inner nature and subconscious mind.

Q6. How can people find out more about The Divine Quantum Institute?
They can follow our IG page: @thedivinequantum for more tips and information. We also have our Apple podcast and YouTube Chanel. Follow us and leave a comment, we absolutely to interact with our followers

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