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Book Review: A Man Evolving

The book A Man Evolving does something rare. It gives you thought-inspiring, soul-searching questions without forcing answers on you. In fact, the author Bernardo Moya seems to go out of his way to share his own life in honest and raw writing that is neither in your face nor apologetic. He admits to his shortcomings and never really seems to claim to have the answers but rather invites you, the reader, to keep feeling and questioning so that you might keep evolving no matter where you are starting at.

Reading this book is like being exposed to the notes and poems of a man in therapy. It’s as if after every session, breakthrough, or even breakdown, Bernardo just writes what’s in his heart, positioned for the reader—but in reality, every word written is really for himself. It’s very unassuming and matter a fact and makes it easy for you, the reader, to join him on the road less traveled that includes self-discovery. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t have real insights and ideas rather it’s just to emphasize that there is nothing high and mighty going on here. There is no mansplaining to other men or women.

At times it’s sexy and at others it is sad. You’ll have to decide which is which. You could say it has more impact and relevance for a single person but even those in a relationship will be challenged to not only ask what they want to create moving forward but whom they need to be to get it. It’s a risky book with a risky approach but the poetic words and questions will create inner work worth doing.

You can grow up in a book like this and it’s clear the author has done just that. He seems to have spiritually and intellectually matured or expanded. Dare I say there is also an almost hidden message that challenges societal norms and relationship cliches? In the end, I believe there is victory through vulnerability in this book and I recommend men and women alike give it a read.

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