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Spiritual and Sexual Seduction: The Haunted Life of a Hollywood Psychic

Money and power. Tales of erotic fantasy and lurid, steamy, sexual encounters. It’s not merely the stuff of movies. It’s the daily life of Celebrity Psychic Medium Drake Lord, as everyone from Hollywood elite to heads of business to people from normal, daily life share their deepest, darkest secrets with him. For anyone needing psychic insight, Drake Lord has been the seductive voice on the other end of the phone for more than twenty years. He’s notably among the best in the world at what he does. Some might even argue that he’s only gotten better with age.

If you think the psychic industry is still “for entertainment purposes only,” you’d be mistaken, as throughout the past twenty years it’s become a literal multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States and Canada. And Drake Lord has been one of its most iconic stars. Twenty years ago, the industry was mostly relegated to gimmicky, late-night infomercials urging viewers to “Call now!” But in the years since, more people than ever before are turning to the type of spirituality that psychics provide – the sort of spirituality that makes no apologies for being entertaining. In a post-pandemic era, business is better than ever. 

Lord, whose real name is Kenneth Drake, will pull back the curtain on his life in his upcoming autobiography Branded by Spirits: A Life Between Worlds and detail for the first time publicly his early life in the religious, rural south and the strange and haunted events that propelled his meteoric rise to become one of America’s top-rated psychic advisors and the iconic, hypnotic voice behind some of the most successful psychic brands ever launched. Twenty years ago, while some performers in the industry struggled to attract a following, Drake Lord was busy building a psychic empire of his own by using his “chilling” accuracy to leverage lucrative network deals with phone lines and in the world of publishing, becoming one of the highest paid contracted advisors of that era. 

These days, Lord enjoys a much quieter life, much different from the spotlight that branded him the “Bad Boy” of the psychic world more than a decade ago. Then, he was linked as personal advisor to adult film stars and literal rock stars, heads of Fortune 500 Companies and media moguls. But even now, Lord admits to being busier than ever. To this day there are some who refuse to make a move without first consulting him for insight, to which Lord says, “No one wants to feel alone in life. Everyone wants to be supported in their dreams.” This simple philosophy, even on the surface, seems a stark contrast to the rigid spirituality imposed by some spiritual advisors. “Spirits reach people where they are, whoever they are,” Lord says. “I’m just a messenger who believes people have a right to feel good. It really is as simple as that.” 

Whether Lord genuinely believes the philosophy, or the philosophy is merely part of the finely crafted, scripted persona that helped revolutionize the psychic industry twenty years ago, fans will have to decide for themselves. And, as far as “fans” go, it’s a word that even Lord himself is hesitant to use. “It’s not a word I would use personally,” he says. “It’s human nature to like the idea of celebrity, but all that comes and goes.” It sounds so simple. But when said in such a mesmerizing way, infused with a smile and southern charm, it feels more otherworldly than just a bit of homespun wisdom. Maybe that’s why now the message seems to resonate so well – because of the simplicity. 

Although Lord refuses to divulge the celebrity clientele that he still advises to this day or the exact number of clients he still connects with when asked, he says, “More people are starting to realize that they deserve happiness. That they deserve to feel good. To get to be a small part of that is such an honor.” It’s a disarming, somewhat elusive responsive that only serves to build the mystique and add to an already mysterious persona. When I asked him how he’d like for people to think of his work, he responds, simply, “However they’d like. It just feels good to be thought of, doesn’t it?”

As the landscape of spirituality in America continues to evolve and as more and more people turn to psychic guidance, it only stands to reason that in the next twenty years the voice of Drake Lord will still resonate. This fall, to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the events that began his career, Lord’s memoir Branded by Spirits: A Life Between Worlds will be released worldwide wherever books are sold. He will return to stages on the east coast for very limited engagements in October, ending with a final event in Boston. 

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