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Serial Entrepreneur And Venture Capitalist Ron Bauer Levels Up Into Exclusive Coaching And Mentoring 

Ron Bauer, Principal Investor, Venture Capitalist, and Entrepreneur, shares over 20 years of experience helping founders raise capital and go public in his exclusive one-on-one mentorship programs offered to entrepreneurs, founders, and SMEs.

“Leveling up!” The post-pandemic mindset has people worldwide looking to step up in every area of their lives, from their health to business. The buzz phrase asks the question, “How can I make myself, my life, and my career better?” By way of the global shake-up, we’ve tasted a different way of life that serves us better and experienced our highest potential. The need to push our boundaries and expand our horizons is now felt with a universal sense of urgency. Even those who have been in the business of helping others level up for decades, masters of their craft, have had epiphanies of a better lifestyle that allows them to not only be more efficient and make innovative use of their skills, but enjoy life to a greater degree. 

Acclaimed Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Founder of Theseus Capital Ltd, Ron Bauer, is a forward-thinking expert specializing in empowering founders and entrepreneurs, helping take dozens of companies public on global stock exchanges such as NASDAQ, the NYSE, the CSE and the LSE. With over 20 years of hands-on experience working with founders, Bauer has spent the better part of his life literally and figuratively traveling to the ends of the earth for his clients. As a result, he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and celebrated a number of successful exits with some reaching multi-billion dollar company market caps. 

Nearly constant worldwide travel, frequenting places like South America, Africa, Europe, and North America, left minimal downtime over the years for Bauer to savor moments with his wife and two sons, now teenagers. This type of lifestyle, meeting international clients in person and establishing rapport face to face, was simply accepted as the only way to do business – deemed a necessary sacrifice in order to be a powerhouse in the investment world.

Now, having experienced the global pandemic and endured months of lockdowns, working solely from his laptop at home – Bauer has seen what is possible when chaos is removed from the equation, and glimpsed a life where he could have it all. “I used my network to help close deals and to sign new clients without having to fly and meet them, instead using virtual meetings,” Bauer shares. “I contacted my existing network and bankers, and my portfolio companies completed road shows virtually – they raised over $200 million dollars during the pandemic and didn’t have to show up to one meeting in person. The CEOs were able to be in 8 different places in one day which made life much easier for everyone.”

In an industry founded upon trust and relationships, having a reputation for delivering exceptional results was the greenlight founders and entrepreneurs needed to put their faith in Bauer without a single handshake. “For me, it was easy. By the pandemic, I had already had 20 years of experience under my belt – I had references and many case studies to showcase my past experiences,” Bauer shares. “If someone came to me and asked, “How do I know I can trust you?” I could tell them to call the CEO of any company I’ve helped take public and ask if I delivered what I promised them.” 

Bauer’s newest level-up and success story? Transforming his business into a business coaching and mentoring operation, that allows him the opportunity to help more founders and entrepreneurs navigate the capital raising process while supporting a sustainable lifestyle that leaves room for quality time with family. Bauer has a proven track record for helping take companies from early-stage angel and seed funding to successful exits and mergers with larger companies – he’s been coaching and mentoring founders for decades – just without the official title of a business mentor, so this is not really a change of focus or major life change for him. 

His comprehensive experience in everything from capital structures, public companies, reverse mergers, reverse takeovers, IPOs, and mergers with public companies started at age 16 – Bauer was trading stocks before he was even licensed to drive, and once he got started, he never looked back. Bauer explains the scope of his expertise, sharing, “I have been involved in every sector: oil and gas, mining, technology, gaming, biotech. I’ve worked with some of the leading scientists and academic institutions globally, collaborated with big name entrepreneurs like Atari-founder Nolan Bushnell, and many founders with multi-billion dollar exits behind them.”

Bauer’s one-on-one coaching and exclusive mentoring is a crucial resource for entrepreneurs, founders, and small-to-medium enterprises needing guidance with the “Fundraising and Go Public” process for their businesses. He works hands-on with companies, walking them through the details of everything from choosing the right consultants and presenting their business to creating a pitch deck, corporate websites, and content.  

At the core of his mentoring is the formula that Bauer created based on the methods that allowed him to complete dozens of successful IPOs. Bauer takes every client through each step, closely advising them while allowing them to take the lead. The path to raise capital and go public is not for the faint of heart, and Bauer’s taken that journey many times. He’s been through the good, the bad, and the ugly; he’s able to help founders navigate the regulatory and legal issues so they do not make mistakes. Yet, learning from these experiences, he can mentor clients on how to avoid costly missteps and prevent setbacks.

For entrepreneurs, founders, and small to medium enterprises intent on raising capital and taking their companies public – put your trust in the one who has been in your shoes many times. Investing in Bauer’s exclusive one-on-one mentoring is the first step between you and a successful fundraising or IPO. 

Visit to apply for access to Ron Bauer’s Exclusive Mentoring and Little Black Book of Contacts. 

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