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Why You Should Start Celebrating Client Wins Openly & How To Do It

Celebrating is a good way to build community, connections, and even loyalty. In the context of the business world, though, celebrating is often overlooked and underdone. This is because so many people are focused on improving results and productivity, making more money, and increasing profits. However, there is a lot of value in celebrating the here and now. Especially as a startup organization, midsize business, or even a well established organization with a long history. Typically, organizational celebrations are internal, too. Meaning that organizations and businesses generally only celebrate their own accomplishments, accolades, and recognitions. However, there is a growing practice to celebrate client wins as well. 

There can be a lot of value reaped from celebrating client wins on a regular basis. This is partially because the client plays such an integral role in the overall success of the organization. For instance, by celebrating client wins together, clients gain an appreciation for the amount of dedication and investment you put on their success. Afterall, most client relationships are supposed to be partnerships. 

Displaying this level of camaraderie, sends the message that you’re invested in their future as much as your own.

“It is quite true that businesses run only because of clients, and relationships with them are the foundation of every company’s existence. You can’t expect success in the B2B world unless you have cordial client relations. In fact, by improving client relationships, you can set yourself apart from the competition.”

Sushant Shekhar, Author, SalesBlink –

Your Clients Success is Your Success

When it comes to celebrating the wins your clients see in their business, it’s important to remember that your clients success really is your success. Consider the context of a marketing agency, for instance. If a client is celebrating because their marketing campaigns have increased their profits and consumerbase, then that success can really be attributed to the success of your efforts as a marketing agency. 

On top of that, even if the win that your client is celebrating isn’t directly related to the product or service that you’re providing, it’s still a good show of support to celebrate alongside them. 

“We try to celebrate with all of our clients as much as we can. The way we see it really is that their success is our success. If we keep kicking ass on our end, our clients should continue to grow in profit, size, and consumer reach. So if they’re celebrating, we celebrate. That’s my motto.”

– Lina Miranda, VP Marketing, AdQuick

Group Celebrations

A good way to celebrate alongside your clients and to share in the glory of their victories is with group celebrations. In the year 2022, these celebrations can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. For instance, due to the growth in remote work and work-from-home opportunities, some big company events are held over completely virtual environments.

Other events can be held in-person, while some create a unique hybrid situation that welcomes both remote and in-person participants. No matter how the celebration is designed, though, these are good events that facilitate celebration alongside clients.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as popping a bottle of champagne together over a zoom call. It doesn’t always have to be a super fancy or unbelievable party. It’s really just about celebrating those moments of victory together. It builds a bond that you can’t get anywhere else really.”

– Michael Ayjian, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, 7 Wonders Cinema

Throwing Events for Special Moments

When it comes to celebrating the victories of clients, it’s undeniable that some wins are simply bigger than others. While a quick zoom call, or even a gift-basket can be appropriate for smaller victories, that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to monumental moments in an organization. These are company-defining moments that leave a mark on the history and future of the organization. 

These types of victories deserve an equally significant celebration. As such, it’s in the time of a serious win that it becomes appropriate to throw or plan a special event to commemorate a big win. Whether this is planned by you, or the client, can be situational. 

However, whoever ends up doing the planning, should be sure to invite the other as a participant. These major crossroads and victories often aren’t possible without our allies. 

“Some of the most fun we ever have during the year is when our clients hit a major milestone. We take these opportunities to really go above and beyond to show our dedication and support to the client’s success. We want them to know we’re just as pumped for their big moments as they are.”

– Daniel Kroytor, CEO, TailoredPay

Reinforcing Client Relationships

There is a lot of value to celebrating client wins alongside clientele. Not only does this foster camaraderie and show the client dedication, but it also serves to reinforce and deepen client relationships. This is arguably one of the most persuasive reasons behind engaging in client victory celebrations. 

Understanding the importance and value of client-relationships in the current economic landscape can give the competitive advantage an organization needs to beat out their competition. 

“There is nothing more valuable than the client relationship in my eyes. As far as business operations go, anyways. The client dictates everything, I mean there’s a reason that saying ‘the client is always right’ actually exists. At some level, there’s some truth to it.”

– Natalia Morozova, Partner, Cohen, Tucker & Ades P.C.

The Value of Celebrating Client Wins

At the end of the day there is a lot to be said regarding the value of client relationships, and the various tactics and strategies that companies deploy to foster and develop strong client relationships. 

One of the best strategies to emerge is mutual celebration. When clients win, so do you, and as such, it’s only right to show your dedication to the clients success by celebrating their wins right alongside them. 

“Client relationship management is a necessity for any business because it builds trust between the customers and the service provider. It will also help with generating leads as well as building a strong brand image people will love. Finally, you’ll have loyal clients for years to come.”

Meghan Belnap, Author, Millennial Magazine –

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