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Taking the Beauty World by Storm – Royal and M’Lisa Ellis Mission to Help Businesses Elevate with Spa Strong

By: Ley Calisang

Everyone here seeks to improve oneself intellectually by listening to words of wisdom from experts who have first-hand expertise. Everyone experiences times in their lives, both professionally and personally, when they feel the need to seek advice or direction. There is a conversation that you need to pay attention to today if you are an astute businessperson working in the beauty sector. The ideas presented in Spa Strong are, without a doubt, ground-breaking in their respective fields.

The firm run by Royal and M’Lisa Ellis is committed to bringing out the best you in the business world. The formidable team is well-known in the beauty world for producing the most successful spas and med spas consultancy company. They take these businesses under their wing and guide them to the zenith of their respective industries’ success.

Their magnetic chemistry has breathed new life into time-honored mentorship programs and stoked the flames of the awe-inspiring organization that has bred their flourishing and booming Spa Strong. Through their tried-and-true ACRE Method, the eminent partners assist entrepreneurs and service providers in doubling their income and scaling their businesses in Los Angeles and all over the US. 

“There are a lot of trainers or consultants out there that can glide through it because they have that plan. So I understand what it’s like to start at the bottom and how to work your way up, ” Royal reflects. ” When a client comes to us with their issues, grief, or tragedy, we first try to understand what they are going through from their point of view. But we also know how to fix it. We can assist someone who is already succeeding in scaling. However, we also understand how to help those at the bottom rise to the top.”

A chance encounter in an airport terminal was the seed that eventually grew into a compelling platform. Its origins lie in an unexpected setting. When Royal was working as a police officer in a terminal when M’Lisa walked by and caught his eye, worlds met. Royal and M’Lisa became inseparable. They both had experienced similar things in their lives and understood how important it was to move on from past personal traumas. Their prior struggles were mirror images of one another. She had lost everything and was camped out in a car. Additionally, he had to deal with a physical condition that was holding him back at one point in his life. The married couple both overcame their problems and prevailed in grueling battles.

M’Lisa began her career in the service sector as a cosmetics artist in 2008, and in 2012 she earned her master’s esthetician license. She rapidly understood that consulting and entrepreneurship were where her genuine calling lay. M’Lisa and Royal joined to create Spa Strong, after closing their Spa owing to injuries sustained in a vehicle accident. They started offering business consulting exclusively for the spa and beauty industries. Around the same time, Royal medically left the LAPD due to an injury sustained while on duty. There was no turning back; their shared enthusiasm for assisting others took off, and they have been coaching service industry experts ever since.

Together, the two discovered happier times and cultivated a love that helped them create an empire. A monarchy full of devoted subjects was born after that. Spa Strong was founded, and the company also brought the invaluable gift of direction that inspired the masses.

“We founded Spa Strong to help spas and med spas skyrocket to 6 plus figures and fill their books and bank accounts,” the company’s proud mission statement reads.

The duo’s goal is to help you grow your business using the potent acronym for Attraction, Conversion, Retention, and Expansion. This objective is based on a tried-and-true, four-step methodology: ACRE.

Attraction: Learn to recognize and draw in your Ideal Client by using strong branding, marketing, and exposure strategies online and in your local area.

Conversion: To ensure that you give your customers the required solutions and boost your service, retail, and package sales through ethical sales techniques.

Retention: Having a client work with you just once is insufficient. Find out what it takes to keep clients coming back to you and introduce people in their network.

Expansion: Start by ensuring your systems and backend are operating without a hitch, then grow it following your objectives by adding paid traffic or expanding your staff.

The dilemma of the escalating recession in 2022 continues to rise to the surface, making timeless advice more potent than ever. Spa Strong has established itself as an essential instrument to assist businesses to prosper in the face of instability and difficulty as more and more American firms confront closures and deal with employee concerns.

Spa Strong has established itself as an essential instrument to assist businesses to prosper in the face of instability and difficulty as more and more American firms confront closures and deal with employee concerns.

“We adhere to a particular mindset,” says Royal. ” We work closely with each of our clients to concentrate on the problem areas, but we also want to ensure that they are strong and successful outside the specific problem we are addressing. At some point, we want our clients to stop needing us. To ensure that we concentrate on the obvious issues, Let’s check your strength.”

The momentum is maintained by Royal and M’Lisa’s optimism. They improve so many people’s lives all across the world. There is no end to their reach since they have clientele from as far away as the Netherlands, South America, and Canada.

“Everyone has a role to play in the global economy,” M’Lisa stated.

Even clientele outside the beauty industry seeks out their sound counsel, like Nevada Senator Patricia Spearman, who is presently running for mayor of North Las Vegas.

Spa Strong has worked its magic for M’Lisa and Royal during the past five years. It’s time to see them astonish even more when they advance more entrepreneurs ever in the future.

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