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Heating Up: What’s In Store for Self-Made Real Estate Investor Austin Cedeno 

Cedeno has made a name for himself in the real estate world, as an angel investor, and with many e-commerce ventures as a respectful business man with a high level of integrity.  Among the many traits that set him apart from others, Cedeno notes that his love for money keeps him going. He states that as long as he’s making money, he’ll be happy, so there’s never a reason for him to take his foot off the gas. 

Growing up, Cedeno admits that he had it pretty tough. Oftentimes, he’d go hungry for lack of food and would have to turn shirts inside out because he didn’t have access to wash them. His struggles taught him the value of money, and he learned early on the important tactics needed to make a steady stream of income. 

Through all of his experiences, Cedeno knows and understands the value of a dollar better than anyone; and how important it is to save. He states:

“Some people I’ve grown up with will call me lucky, but the truth is, I was working this whole time. I was constantly saving not knowing for what exactly. But I knew that if I could have as much as I could tucked away, if an opportunity came my way I could act on it.”

Looking ahead, Cedeno plans to continue to grow larger than the year before, year after year. It’s clear that even amidst the wealth of success Cedeno has already amassed, he’s only just beginning. 

To hear more from Cedeno and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:
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