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Sometimes an individual comes along and makes a profound difference in an industry that leaves an indelible mark for years to come. Through their contributions, a person becomes recognizable in the industry as someone who changed how the industry conducts business. These individuals enable this paradigm shift in their chosen field only based on pure luck; instead, as it is often said that fortune favors the bold, these individuals take steps that ensure they become the change they want to see. Their work ethic, dedication, due diligence, a will to learn and grow, and the hard work they put in enable their rise to the top. 

These individuals build bullet-proof game plans. They strategize their future and don’t leave a single thing up to chance. They don’t begin their journey with just hope and a prayer; instead, they start with a clear vision of where they want to be in the future. They further build upon this vision by adding factors that ensure that this vision becomes a reality. Their strategizing is usually so detail-oriented and attuned perfectly that their rise to the top is seldom cut short. In fact, their determination to succeed never allows them to give up without a fight. Although they do face failures, they turn these failures into learning experiences. Additionally, they keep upgrading their strategies as they learn and move steadily along. 

Sometimes these individuals come face to face with challenges or obstacles that might seem impossible to others. But for them, they are just another bump in the road. With their vision fixed completely on future success, they find ways to succeed where others mostly give up. They find solutions even against the most impossible of odds through sheer power of will and determination. Because they always keep learning from past experiences with failures, they usually develop muscle memory that enables their mind to find better solutions. They keep expending and recovering their energies based on the vision of the future that they had from the start. Although most individuals who make a difference in their chosen field don’t have the same path to success, or their rise to the top doesn’t have the same trajectory, there are always similar factors. One such individual who makes a difference in the automotive industry through their dedication and intelligent moves is Rudy ‘El Patronn’ Treminio.

Rudy Treminio was born on December 28, 1980, in El Salvador. Rudy’s origin was marked by extreme poverty in his home country. The American-based automotive entrepreneur, also known as El Patronn, is a social media marketer, author, and entrepreneur. His practices throughout his career have earned him huge success that has ensured that he has made a difference in the automotive industry and continues to do so in Brooklyn. His progression from humble origins in El Salvador to enjoying a successful career in New York has proven to be nothing short of extraordinary. Initially, Rudy was reluctant to move to the United States. In fact, he was extremely resistant to such an idea. This resulted in him arriving in the US as a rebellious teen. Because of this rebellious phase, Rudy became an alcoholic. This bout cost Rudy his public and personal reputation and affected his initial career in the automotive industry. Consequently, Rudy lost everything in his 20s.

Rudy bounced back from the initial bumpy days with vigor and began a successful career in automotive sales. From 1997 to 1999, he earned his high school education and began a professional career in 1998 when he joined City World as a General Sales Manager, where he worked till 2007. In 2008, Rudy joined as a General Manager at Jersey City Ford Lincoln Mercury. He started his business in 2013 named Kingz of Cars. Currently, El Patronn is the CEO of a business app, Geras Associates, LLC. He is also the Managing Partner of Brooklyn Mitsubishi.

Utilizing sales skills and creating a positive customer experience, Rudy was able to sell more than 36000 vehicles. Rudy has successfully breathed new life into numerous failing dealerships. Rudy’s success is due to his principle of studying the industry and implementing new strategies. While maintaining his position at the heights of success in the automotive sector, Rudy also trains people and provides mentorship to help hopeful entrepreneurs become equipped with skills that enable them to succeed. Rudy’s book, Game Changer, was published in 2020 and shares Rudy’s successful journey as a self-made entrepreneur with the readers and teaches them how a smart individual can win through their experiences.

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