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Humans like to be rewarded, whether it’s an appreciation email for performing well on the job or a plaque on the wall for employee of the month in the break room. We are wired to admire the proclamation of our skills and successes. It motivates us to work even harder to fulfill our tasks and achieve our goals.

The same logic is applied in the gaming industry. Users are rewarded with multiple incentives when they move on to the next level, which pushes them to focus more and invest all their energy in finishing a level. However, gaming is an expensive hobby. Besides the continuous upgrades to software and hardware, gamers also have to keep new games and in-game purchases in mind. An estimate for a typical gaming setup is generally around $2,000, excluding the ongoing and in-game costs. 

Established in 2017, connects the world’s largest decentralized processing power supply today. An idea conceived by intellectual and ingenious entrepreneurs whose target was to attract gamers towards GAIMIN for the gaming experience and monetary value. is different from other mainstream platforms since it harnesses the under-utilized processing power found in PC and derives capital from it. The GAIMIN app is designed to monetize available devices through a number of different services. Currently, it leverages the provision of video rendering services and powering blockchain computations (mining) for monetization.

Both monetiszation mechanisms have their own revenue generation capability, each allowing GAIMIN to generate and ultimately return upto 90% back to the users. The GAIMIN AI Engine continuously monitors the available devices and service requirements and automatically creates the appropriate monetizing data processing network.

The users are then rewarded with GMRX tokens, the platform’s own tokens generally used within the GAIMIN community. Users can purchase games, gaming assets, and NFTs with GMRX or perform P2P, or peer-to-peer transactions, which include buying, selling, and renting. Users can also convert their GMRX to fiat or other cryptocurrencies when listed on an exchange. 

However, GAIMIN has brought a concrete rewarding system for users in the GAIMIN community, i.e., enabling users to spend their GMRX in the GAIMIN marketplace by purchasing accessories, merchandise, game assets, and NFTs. 

What differentiates the platform from others is its novel approach to NFT acquisition. GAIMIN gives its users full (blockchain) ownership of their NFTs (functional utility NFTs that can be used in games with attributes and enchantments – not just mere collectibles). 

The initial research conducted by GAIMIN concluded that a typical user can earn upto $1 per when monetising. This, however, depends on the performance of the user’s PC, the duration of the monetisation activity and other factors as well. GAIMIN also intends to incentivize its users holding GMRX. GMRX holders who use their retained GMRX in the marketplace will receive discounts and bonuses to purchase NFTs. In addition, GAIMIN has recently introduced the ability to acquire both Fortnite V-Bucks and APEX Legends coins by using GMRX. In effect, these “free” V-Bucks and APEX coins are typically acquired through GMRX monetization and converted to V-Bucks. 

GAIMIN is the first in the gaming industry to introduce NFTxg- interoperable, cross-game NFTs. Launched in June 2022, NFTxg offers 6 NFTs interoperable with Minecraft and GTA V. The first NFTxg is an interoperable sword replicating the Minecraft asset. Moreover, when it is used in GTA V, it exhibits its cross-game functionality and use, in Minecraft and GTA V, both.

GAIMIN’s NFTxg’s are available through the GAIMIN platform and can only be purchased using GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency, GMRX, which is earned by users downloading the GAIMIN platform and monetising the spare processing capacity found within their GPUs.

For more benefits and rewards for its users, GAIMIN has currently developed a Minecraft plugin to deliver blockchain and NFT integration to Minecraft. GAIMIN is also implementing similar technology into GTA-V and is working on a Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow developers within the EPIC/Unreal Gaming platform to incorporate blockchain and NFT functionality into their games.

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