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Transforming Hoodoo with the Goddess of Conjure, Tanet Jordan

Hoodoo is one of the oldest African American religious traditions. It was used by enslaved Africans to ward off bad vibes, connect with their ancestors, and seek healing/protection. But as the world evolved and technology arrived, Hoodoo slowly became a forgotten practice. By the late 1900s, very few people practiced Hoodoo, and the number has continued to decrease. Tanet Jordan is now bringing Hoodoo back and helping everyone, no matter their race, background, or previous spiritual beliefs, to connect to their spiritual self. 

Tanet is teaching the public the power of Hoodoo and providing people with items to help them in their journey. Tanet is a master Hoodoo conjurer, priestess, rootworker, healer, and seasoned intuitive spirit diviner. She has been a practicing witch and tarot reader for more than fifteen years, leading her to start The Conjure Goddess in 2018. 

Tanet’s grandmother practiced Hoodoo, and growing up around her, Tanet came to learn more about this precious tradition. Even though Christianity was the staple in her household, she has always been a free thinker and didn’t want to follow something blindly. She dedicated her time and resources to deep research and study into other spiritual practices and religions, and she is now sharing Hoodoo with others. 

Tanet is creating a safe space where people can learn about Hoodoo, rootwork, and other practices and how to use these rituals to control their destiny. Her company, The Conjure Goddess, offers different items such as the Conjure Oils like Blue Money Oil and Unshakeable Alignment Oil and Conjure Candles like her Manifestation and Protection candles.

“As a community, we have been brainwashed for so many years to think that these traditions are evil. The picture society portrays of these traditional practices like Hoodoo is that of the devil. If you are not following Christianity, you are damned to hell,” says Tanet. 

Tanet is working to create a community where exploring your spirituality/religion is okay, as she shares Hoodoo with those interested. She uses her online platform and brand, The Conjure Goddess, to bring awareness to the traditional practices of Hoodoo. Tanet is also sharing her story to help other young entrepreneurs.

Tanet left her corporate retail managerial position to follow her passion and launch The Conjure Goddess. She explains that many people didn’t understand her decision at the time, and they felt like she had made the wrong choice. But Tanet didn’t let this stop her. She started on Etsy and started the business out of her living room, which was much harder than she anticipated. 

When Tanet started The Conjure Goddess in 2018, there wasn’t much representation for African Americans who practice alternative spirituality, especially Hoodoo, which made her business blow up. Many people related to her content, and the demand for her items eventually outweighed the supply.

From working out of her four-bedroom home, Tanet purchased a distribution center in 2021 to increase storage space. She now owns a physical store and has provided employment to local community members.

It can be hard to build a successful venture considering the many obstacles, says Tanet. But it isn’t impossible. As she continues to grow, Tanet is helping the public become more spiritually aligned and grounded in their craft as she helps her followers unlock the power of Hoodoo. Her vision is to see The Conjure Goddess continue to reach and educate more people globally and open more physical locations and distribution centers.

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