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The image of the Republican Congressman caught in the whirlpool of scandal collapsed completely.

1. Republican star lawmakers are mired in scandal.

Madison Cawthorn, perhaps unknown to many people, was born in 1995, and he is the brightest star in American politics! In recent years, both parties in the United States are trying to promote young congressmen, and Madison Cawthorn was once regarded as a new star in the Republican Party. In 2020, he defeated Trump supporters at the age of 25, and in November, he defeated Democratic competitors again. He is also the youngest member of Congress in the United States in nearly 200 years. He is in a wheelchair, giving people a sense of being physically disabled and determined, and his handsome appearance makes him more attractive. However, recent events have plunged this rising Republican into a scandal. The most interesting thing is his elusive gender. In 2020, he married Christina Baiard, the fitness instructor of Crossfit, but their marriage lasted only one year, and then Cawthorn divorced his wife. Cawthorn said that they broke up for political reasons, but now it seems that this male assistant is probably married, and Cawthorn is simply cheating.

2. The complaint letter was accompanied by a video, which confirmed that the star members staged a horrible strange bedfellows.

The incident broke out from a video and a complaint letter. 


The complaint letter asked the Congressional Moral Office to strictly investigate the relationship between Cawthorn and his young male assistant Stephen Smith (23 years old).

The video of the male assistant touching Cawtorn was first circulated on the social platform, and the second big news was that Madison Cawthorn was in heat in bed, just like a teddy bear, hugging a man and playing on the bed. There was also a picture of Cawthorn wearing a woman’s clothes and looking at another woman with a very ambiguous posture and eyes.

Later, Madison Cawthorn admitted that the video was real, but he was still defending what he had done, saying that he would never collapse because of the leak. However, his words did not change his image. An American influencer retorted, “You have done so many things and still want to deny it. Are you proving to others that you are not gay?” U.S. Congressman McKinsey also stood up and accused Madison Cawthorn, saying that Madison Cawthorn had lost his trust in him, and he had to win their trust with practical actions.

3. Bad records, public anger in politics.

In fact, Madison Cawthorn has had many scandals, including carrying weapons on the plane, calling Hitler “the Fuhrer” when visiting Nazi headquarters in Germany, and trumpeting that he was admitted to a famous university. However, these scandals helped him win the support of a large number of radicals.

Madison Cawthorn has done her best to shape herself well. He was born in 1995. At the age of 18, there was a serious traffic accident, which made him lose his ideal of the U.S. Naval Academy. Instead, he took part in the congressional election to “serve the American people.” With this legend, although he has no resume, he became the youngest member of Congress in the history of the United States in 2020 with the U.S. Congress in the 11th district of North Carolina, and was also the first “post-1990s member” in American history.

But soon, Cawthorn’s experience was “faked”: the U.S. Naval University was rejected for his poor performance before his car accident, and he was elected not because he started from scratch, but because of former White House Director-General Meadows. It is worth noting that when Cawthorn worked as an assistant in the office of meadows constituency, he always claimed to be full-time, but according to the federal government’s salary record, he was actually only a temporary worker.

In order to win the support of right-wing voters, the Republicans in the United States have always shaped Cawthorn into a “tough guy”. Cawthorn is very cooperative, making excessive remarks from time to time, threatening to confiscate Chinese property, saying that “the confiscation of these assets is China’s first compensation to the United States.” In this way, he can make his own speech throughout the country to gain the support of Americans. Even in 2017, Cawthorn posted a picture on his social networking site, that is, going to Hitler’s old house. In this article, he used the German word “leader” to refer to Hitler. He said, “For a long time, I hope to visit the eagle’s nest.”

According to media reports, in the 2020 parliamentary election, he was also attacked and sexually harassed by many women. A 17-year-old victim was held in his arms and tried to kiss his thigh. Cawthorn said that this was not sexual assault, but “flirting”. Most of the victims were Cawthorn’s college classmates, but ironically, Cawthorn’s score was very low, because he always got a D, so he dropped out of school after the last year. In addition, he was also charged with fraud, carrying a deadly weapon, and several serious driving violations. When he participated in the congressional election, he dressed himself as a “real estate investor” and registered SPOR Holdings Real Estate Investment Company in August, 2019, claiming that it was the residence of Cawthorn, with no business and no income, and the employees were all by themselves. At the end of April, 2022, Cawthorn tried to carry a loaded gun through the security check in Charlotte-douglas International Airport. Cawthorn was charged with carrying dangerous weapons; In May, the Ethics Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives conducted an investigation into Madison Cawthorn’s behavior to investigate whether Madison Cawthorn illegally promoted a cryptocurrency in which he may hold undisclosed financial gains. According to the information, on the day of the joint release with Brown, the driver of the National Aeronautics and Astronautics Association of the United States, Cawthorn purchased and publicized the token of Let’s Go Brandon, which caused the price of the token to drop sharply; Even the disabled, who is most admired by his supporters, has nothing to be proud of. When Cawthorn was 18 years old, one of his friends was sleeping after his co-pilot was fast asleep, so the car had an accident, which caused his two legs. Later, in order to shape his disabled image, Cawthorn turned black and white many times, saying that his friend was intentional. In his political career, he has been fighting against the “political correctness” of the United States, but now it seems that it is because of “correctness” that he can enter the parliament. 

All in all, the wheelchair didn’t prevent Cawthorn from becoming a member of Congress, and the wheelchair didn’t prevent Cawthorn from becoming a liar.

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