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An Eternal Optimist, Dr. Sadri Believes in Progress and Innovation

Optimists look for opportunity. They are determined to find the benefit in every situation, no matter how bleak it may seem on the surface. Dr. Ehsan Sadri, an ophthalmologist and founder of Visionary Eye Institute, understands the struggle of branching out into the unknown but chooses to focus on the vision of potential. 

Dr. Sadri is a first generation Iranian American and the first in his family to become a doctor. He is a board-certified laser eye surgeon based in Newport Beach, CA and has been practicing since 2004. “I’m always fascinated on how to make patients see better and have the best experience. I also have a fascination with solving unmet needs for patients and thus support and invest in startup ophthalmology companies that help bring novel solutions for patients.”

Regarding branching out and facilitating progress within his field, Dr. Sadri believes that fear of the unknown should be met with a determination to continue pushing forward, to realize that success is, in the words of Earl Nightingale, the “progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” 

Dr. Sadri believes in his dreams and desires to bring better eyesight to ophthalmology patients everywhere. His competition is only against himself, to constantly focus on personal development and growth, relentlessly pursuing excellence in all his endeavors. The challenges to progress are around every corner, but he is a self-proclaimed eternal optimist and sees the unending possibility for progress and innovation. 

Dr. Ehsan Sadri is well-respected and considered a thought leader in his field. He speaks at many Ophthalmology conferences and focuses on progressive and leading-edge techniques and technology to best serve vision patients. His experience and  expertise allows him to educate eye surgeons on vision preservation and correction. He plans to incorporate additional eyecare products to his repertoire, including sunglasses, eye creams, and blue-blocker glasses. 

To keep up with Dr. Sadri, check him out on Instagram at @DrEhsanSadri, visit his clinic at or check out his venture capital fund at

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