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Kaplan: Helping People Advance In Their Careers in a Rapidly Changing World

While some ed tech companies make the headlines for lofty valuations, one company is quietly leading global education and workforce trends, building on established roots of educational advancement to become an integral and essential partner to businesses and education institutions.

Kaplan, Inc., perhaps best known for SAT prep, has expanded well beyond its vision to become a global powerhouse in education and career services – with a portfolio of offerings ranging from licensure for professionals to pathways courses for students looking to study in English-speaking countries to online career exploration programs for high school students.

Beyond providing individual programs, Kaplan has partnered with schools and educational institutions to deliver university pathway programs, international student recruitment facilities, university hosting, and more. An early leader in expanding access to higher education for nontraditional students, Kaplan also delivers an array of student support services for schools such as the University of Essex, University of Liverpool, Purdue University Global, Lynn University, and Wake Forest University.

Its Career Core shared services model for universities was recognized as one of Fast Company’s 2022 “World Changing Ideas.”

For corporations, Kaplan provides expert exam preparation for professional licensure and certification, educational services, and consultation across a company’s professional development needs. More recently, Kaplan has focused on bridging the gap between education and careers, building on its long history and deep experience in providing educational services to institutions and businesses to ensure students and employees are prepared for the future. 

Facts on Kaplan

  • Serves 700.000 students and professionals worldwide annually
  • More than 10,000 employees
  • Operates in 27 countries throughout the world
  • Offers online education programs to aspiring students in more than 100 countries
  • Serves over 12,000 commercial customers
  • Delivers programs and services to more than 4,000 educational clients
  • For more than 80 years, Kaplan has been devoted to improving the lives of its students

Kaplan’s Offerings

Students, professionals, schools and educational institutions, and corporations all over the world can benefit from Kaplan’s portfolio of offerings, which fall into three categories:

  • Helping students and professionals in achieving educational and professional goals
  • Assisting educational institutions in student recruitment and workforce skills development
  • Aiding businesses in employee recruitment, advancement, and training

Helping Students and Professionals

Kaplan provides preparation for more than 200 standardized tests. These include admission tests, such as the SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, and many more. This also includes preparation for licensure exams for individuals aspiring to work in various disciplines, including nursing, medicine, insurance, real estate, finance, accounting, wealth management, architecture, engineering, law, and many others.

Additionally, Kaplan operates 19 English language schools in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland and helps students from 150 nationalities learn 16 languages. 

Helping Schools & Universities 

Kaplan serves as a multi-purpose strategic partner to more than 50 universities worldwide. This includes recruiting up to 100,000 international students annually for U.S., U.K., and Australian university programs, transnational programs in Singapore and Hong Kong, online degree programs with U.K. university partners, and language training programs across the globe. Kaplan International has developed a world-leading global student recruitment network that supports pathways, transnational education (TNE), and online educational services with university partners.

Kaplan also provides non-academic services and support to universities seeking to deliver online programs, such as Purdue University Global, Wake Forest University, and Lynn University.

Moreover, Kaplan offers pre-college career exploration programs, a combined industry-recognized credential plus degree offering (Credegree), test preparation programs, and project-based boot camps. Furthermore, its award-winning Career Core offering leverages a shared services approach for university career centers.

Kaplan also collaborates with secondary schools to offer university and career options solutions.

Helping Businesses

Kaplan Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of programs leading to credentials and licenses, education-as-a-benefit, apprenticeships, and other business training and development programs. It provides academic and career counseling services for one of the world’s largest employers. As a learning partner to 12,000+ corporations and businesses globally, Kaplan delivers a range of programs to improve employee performance, upskill their workforce and make them more competitive in the corporate world. 

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