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Green Energy Propagation Enabled by Smart Waste Disposal – Charlie Thannhaeuser Envisions the Solution with Concord Blue

The world today is facing a lot of complex challenges. There are many factors today that are aggravating the current precarious situation of the world. Some new challenges were added to the mix with the advent of the global Covid-19 pandemic. And in such a short span of time, the complications that arose from the global pandemic seem to have overshadowed the previously present challenges. But in actual fact, the pandemic has added more fuel to the fire. The fact remains that those earlier challenges have been aggravated to an extreme degree with the complexities created by the pandemic. The need for greener fuels to save the planet from a serious decline remains a serious issue. A smarter method of disposing or utilizing waste that is created by humanity still remains at the top of the list of issues that require immediate attention. 

The incredible and alarming issues faced by humanity today need prompt planning to create solutions integrated within an upgraded infrastructure. This infrastructure should be able to replace the current one that human civilization is standing upon. The correct term would be teetering on the current infrastructure that is overburdened by profound challenges. The need for a better solution and infrastructure is of immediate concern, which only prompt and accurate actions can provide. These major decisions need to be not just reactionary measures but should be based on a vision to provide sustainable solutions for generations to come. The planet is nearing a point of no return that, once crossed, humans will have no remedy for a course correction. No solutions after the fact will be able to help reverse humanity’s course, and the global effects will start disrupting humanity’s very existence. 

There are certain individuals who are working tirelessly today to create solutions that will help with the course correction before it is too late to enact them. These individuals are endeavoring to create global ventures today that will have a positive global impact on humanity’s home planet. Their aim is to create lasting and sustainable solutions that see humanity through to a better future. Certain factors are being addressed by such individuals and their ventures that need immediate redress. One such factor is the propagation of greener energy that will lessen the impact that humanity’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources has wrought on the planet. These green energy sources are driven by the utilization of waste that is created by humanity. One such individual who continues to contribute to the propagation of greener energy by utilizing waste is Charlie Thannhaeuser, with his innovative company called Concord Blue.

Charlie Thannhaeuser is an American-German businessman who was born in New York on June 17, 1978. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Concord Blue. He founded Concord Blue to address the issues of green energy propagation enabled by the smart utilization of waste. Charlie is the inventor of the patented Concord Blue Reformer process that enables the conversion of waste into the cleanest source of renewable energy that is free from CO2; green hydrogen. Concord Blue has been at the cutting edge of providing a green solution to alleviate the immediate concerns that the planet faces. The potential of pollution inherent in the contemporary disposal of waste through incineration adds to the complexities faced by humanity in their efforts to curb environmental destruction. 

The patented Concord Blue Reformer (CBR) technology takes that potentiality of pollution away and instead utilizes waste material to create a cleaner energy source. The CBR technology is significantly better than the other solutions that involve incineration and gasification of waste. The CBR solution also provides modular and scalable units that provide an excellent solution for energy propagation in remote areas that lack contemporary energy infrastructures and sources, like electricity, gas, or oil. CBR units provide ease of use by being deployed at the point of origin of the waste. In addition to being technically advanced and environmentally friendly, CBR units also have the potential to create a sustainable infrastructure that will be at the forefront of changing how humanity currently creates waste and energy. 

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