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Carson Spitzke Gives His Tips to Break Into Acting

Acting requires hard work and dedication, but the rewards are tremendous. Actors dream of being part of the elite Hollywood A-list, but it’s not for everyone. The path to success in acting can be challenging if you don’t have the connections, actor Carson Spitzke tells us how he started acting without any previous experience and limited connections.

Get Used to Rejection

Show business is an extremely competitive industry that’s filled with rejection. In order to better handle rejection and criticism about your performance, you need to reinforce your confidence so that you can audition dozens of times before receiving a callback. “When I was looking for my first role I would regularly practice meditation, yoga, and juggle to keep my mind way when times were stressful,” Carson mentioned. Also, Carson recommended reaching out to a mental health professional if you notice a marked change in your attitude, sleeping patterns, or eating habits.

Be Patient and Consistent

The important part is to always keep in your head that you finally have or soon will have a strong grasp of how the show business works, what the acting industry is all about, and that you’re absolutely serious that you love doing this. “The most important part is to measure what you did and didn’t do. While things might not go your way, analyzing what you could have done better from a neutral perspective is ideal,” Carson added.

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