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4 Signs It’s Time To Take Ownership Over Your Life & Business

Whether it is your past, your present, or what you might be ruminating over in the future, the moment you lovingly come face to face with the truth, is when your life will change. Yet, cultivating the courage to meet yourself, isn’t for the faint of heart.

Ownership is described as “the act, state, or right of possessing something”. While this is true, it’s not the whole story. It is pivotal to understand that by controlling and willing your way toward your goals, you will likely perpetuate more of what you don’t want. Especially as a woman.

The juxtaposition of this is learning to dance in the duality of life, which most struggle to do, let alone do well. After sitting down with some of the most influential leaders who have had to do exactly this, the secret to making lasting change in this arena is crystal clear.

Let’s explore 4 signs calling you to take ownership over your life, and how to actually make it happen:

#1: The Inner Critic
According to Lezly D’Limi, “when we sit with that little girl within us, who is actually just screaming for attention and love, you start the journey home to loving and trusting yourself deeply.”

Lezly’s work rests in unearthing Grounded Leaders. In the current world climate, corporate and business ecologies are transforming fast, as is the world of leadership. She builds sustainable, wildly profitable, fulfilled, and regulated Leaders.

She recommends taking the time to listen to your inner critic: “Hear what she has to say and where it is coming from. The shadow holds the key to the areas you need to show more love, time and acknowledgment.”

#2: Time For Quality Control

Lezly continues: “Learn how to survey the landscape of your life. What is the quality of your relationships? – not just with others but even more importantly, the quality of your relationship with you, needs love and attention.”

While taking ownership of your life requires solo reflection and action, the quality of your inner circle and community matters greatly on your path of growth and change. Here is where we must take radical self-responsibility.

“We are the common denominator in everything good and everything bad in our lives. When you really let that sink in and realize that you are the answer to your problems, you take back control and stop allowing victim-mentality to seep into your every day. Choosing people that see you, love you, and can hold you, is crucial.’’

#3: ‘Inconvenient’ Truths Are Ringing 

“Are things simply not flowing and working the way they used to, or no longer resonating as ‘truth’? You may be in denial of the inconvenient ‘truth’ that feels too painful to acknowledge.” – Belle Marie Lane.

Truth often translates to inconvenience. Will you be brave enough to be an inconvenience and lay down the people-pleasing, the performing, and perfectionism, to instead take ownership of what is no longer working for you?  

Bella Maree Lane is a Love, Relationship and Tantric Intimacy Expert, who specifically supports women in processing trauma and pain, to build healthy, conscious life patterns.

Her advice: “Action demands new roots. This means planning, surrendering, meditating, seeking guidance, journaling; actually doing the ‘thing’ that will support you moving forward with an upgraded internal operating system.”

#4: Guilt is Stealing Presence 

Just as honesty forges the way forward to newfound levels of clarity and ownership in both life and business, being present for what we are now in receivership of, is what anchors it deeper. Yet, many women struggle in this area due to conditioning, past trauma, and lack of support in integrating.  

Anytime you find yourself feeling guilty, it’s a sign of codependency. Especially if you feel guilty for standing up for what you need or want. Guilt is playing a transaction game of love & validation. When you see this, you will find the gateway to your liberation by unhooking yourself for the need to control everyone’s perceptions of you & your choices.”

Robin Riviera is a Mexican Medicine-woman and survivor of complex trauma. She has stewarded a 7-figure online/offline business, holds 3 degrees in social work & consciousness studies, and is taking a powerful stand in today’s world for freedom and for the human spirit.

She recommends: “Make a firm decision on what you want to experience, and do not waiver for anything. The Universe rewards those with clear and firm intentions when it aligns with the highest good for all. Have faith but know that faith without action bears no fruit.”

In Closing

Weaving through from journey’s beginning to end, is the truth that life and business are both of our own creation. The power to choose the canvas on which we create, the brush with which we paint, and the color with which we enrich every stroke, is entirely our own. The question is: will we be courageous enough to meet the parts of us that fear picking up that brush, choosing fresh colors and changing the canvas when life calls us forward? 

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