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Travel The World with Just One Click as Angry Falcons, The World’s Exclusive  Members-Only NFT Club Takes Flight. 

“ Imagine having the most luxurious lifestyle and IRL experiences with one NFT purchase away.” 

By Cyan Leigh Dacasin

Before LinkedIn, Membership clubs were the world’s ultimate networking spots for like-minded individuals and profitable opportunities. With the popularity of physical establishments like SoHo House, CORE, and Ten Trinity Square, there is no denying that the 1% class’s needs and wants are met with meticulous lifestyle and luxury planning.

Thanks to today’s new fintech and blockchain technologies, the archaic country club model met its new competitor in the form of Angry Falcons, one of the world’s most exclusive NFT members-only clubs.

Officially launched in May 2022, Angry Falcons sought to blur the lines between digital art and out-of-this-world luxury experiences. The new concept offers its members comprehensive experiences in the form of lifestyle and travel, all made possible through its innovative concierge services. The best part about this lifestyle club is that the membership model allows access to anyone who wants to experience the 1% lifestyle for a fraction of the price while also ensuring that it would be a long-term investment that is secure and growing. 

The Angry Falcons Lifestyle Club’s primary goal is to create instant value and real-world utility through its exclusive lifestyle membership club.

The initial offer of 10,000 limited edition 3D NFT Angry Falcons tokens uses the Ethereum blockchain. Artist Khaled Allahou designed 3D rendered attributes for a mind-blowing 25 million+ possible unique characteristics to create a rare piece of art.  Each of the 10,000 falcons is individually designed by Allahou and reflects the attributes holders relate to – confidence, strength and aspiration. 

Securing an Angry Falcons NFT unlocks access to the lifestyle club, designed to be exclusive, unique and personal to each member.  This is not a one-size-fits-all club model but rather that which creates a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)  in the driver’s seat with full voting power and decision-making.

Part of the proceeds from every mint and royalty fee proceeds goes into a treasury for the DAO community. This treasury is used to expand or alter the club’s services based on the needs and desires of each member. Since each NFT is safely and securely stored on the blockchain, holders never lose access to their artwork and can freely share, trade or sell as they see fit.

Following an initial period post-minting, each member will be given the option to evaluate the utility services provided through the club and will be able to vote on the future utilities available to the community to ensure everyone is getting the most out of their membership experience.

Think of the Angry Falcons NFT as a winning lottery ticket payable in exclusive member perks, which in this case are travel and lifestyle concierge services provided through The Frillstyle – a premier lifestyle management company boasting an established network of contacts across all seven continents.  With offices in global gateways (New York, London, Los Angeles, Dubai), The Frillstyle team offers members unmatched access to worldwide products, services, events and travel experiences.

The initial services offered through the Angry Falcons Lifestyle Club include two utilities which NFT holders instantly unlock once minted:

Luxury Experiential Travel – Utilizing the AF Club’s massive network and affiliation with a premier travel management team (which is a proud partner of the Virtuoso Travel Network). The Angry Falcons’ Club has the means to deliver the most competitive rates with airlines, hotels, private yacht charters, and other service providers.

Benefits also include perks such as room upgrades, complimentary meals, VIP arrival/departure services, welcome drinks, spa services and additional amenities.  Beyond the benefits, members are encouraged to use their imagination in exploring the world and consider such experiences as a journey on the inaugural Blimp to the North Pole in 2023 or attend the annual high-octane Morocco Dakar Rally.

·      Lifestyle Concierge – The Angry Falcons lifestyle management team goes beyond the velvet rope to organize special events and mind-blowing experiences that may seem inaccessible to all. From anything your heart would desire,  have private afterhours guided tours and world-class culinary experiences to VIP access to shows/sold-out concerts, incredible maritime excursions and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Angry Falcons understands this investment in the future is a shared one and prides itself in establishing a relationship with each member.  Whether an NFT holder takes advantage of the travel and concierge utilities, each member will still have passes to attend annual events, access to the metaverse and use of the merchandise store – all organised to sustain the project and keep the community close and growing. 

Similar to the value of the NFT art increasing over time, the Angry Falcons works to ensure the intrinsic value of the membership increases as well. The perks and benefits that save each member time and money over the long term will cover the original investment in the digital artwork.  It’s a win-win for holders even if they do not use the offered utilities since the unique Angry Falcons NFT value is a secure, longstanding and worthwhile investment.

Angry Falcons made its debut on May 20, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. GMT with an initial offering of 10,000 NFT memberships for 0.4 ETH (the current USD$ value is subject to fluctuations).

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