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The Hedge Coin Group Closes on a New Real Estate Development Project in Southern Nevada

The Hedge Coin Group, a reputed name in the real estate industry, has closed on a real estate development property in Las Vegas, NV.  The company has developed several properties over the last couple of years in the Las Vegas area. It is now eyeing the residential segment as the company believes the promising economic conditions and industrialization will bring in more demand. Their investors are on the rise as well, as The Hedge Coin Group provides safe returns for investors in an unsteady market. 

The Hedge Coin Group is 3 years into the industry. Their other well-known projects in Southern California, Texas and Nevada have earned a good reputation for quality of build and return for investors. The company is now focusing entirely on its newly acquired property near the strip in Las Vegas where it plans to fully renovate and sell in the next two months. According to company sources, plans are already being executed and architects have been finalized to start off as quickly as possible.

The Hedge Coin Group have announced that their new, planned residential complex will consist of two buildings. Each building will have different residential units, well-designed layouts and all new interiors. Professional landscaping will be done around the property that matches the surrounding desert scape. The real estate firm has also made it clear that this project will start by August 15, 2022, with construction being finished in around 4 weeks. Their plan is to have it listed for sale by the end of September 2022.  For people wanting to know how space looks like when completed, The Hedge Coin Group will provide a presentation with professional photos for viewing to all interested parties.

The new project of The Hedge Coin Group has created a buzz in the real estate industry and the news is circulating all over the place, across industries. Several firms, according to company insiders, have already started approaching to buy the property. However, it is to be noted that the property is not for sale at this moment.

The Hedge Coin Group is saying that they are not doing marketing of any kind, nor announced a fund-raising round, and it is through word-of-mouth that investors are getting to know about the project, in fact, the response has surprised the company itself. The firm says this is because of the previous projects return on investment was published for the public to view. The project is prestigious for The Hedge Coin Group because this signifies a larger investment into the real estate industry.

Investor inquiries can be made at the company website, or email directly to

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